Thursday, July 30, 2009

Black at the Wedding

swimming sites? I dive into the water and the boys follow only my brothers.

~dream skip~ I put on cinnamon roll chapstick only for me kiss first random guy not wearing a wedding ring.

~dream skip~ A girl is going to marry a prince for his money and what not. Witch finds out and tries to expose her. [she is the same witch from "to kill a witch" under the category "store"] The girl is singing a love song with the prince as they are preparing for the wedding. He is singing how he "loves...her...soooo..." and she is singing other things about being with him and lying through her teeth on the love part. Then she is alone looking in a mirror, music is still playing in the background. She is in her wedding dress. The witch is talking to her then leaves mirror to other room and talks to the prince and passes everything on with out lying, cause she can't. She is trying to break up the prince and the girl but mostly to break the princes heart and cause hurt and problems. She gets the girl to say things she likes about the prince and she says that he will be a good king someday. Witch laughs. "That's what I've been waiting to hear." The witch is going to tell the prince that the only reason that the girl is marrying him is that she believes he will be the next king. The girl yells "wait!" Then the girl staring in the mirror becomes me. The veil is back over hair, not a flattering Gorgeous look anymore, just plain. "Because I love...Him...Sooooo" I sing. The witch cries out in anger.

~dream skip~ Paint everything black. Black accent for wedding. Got permission to paint the wheels of toy truck. My head is too heavy from all the wigs and stuff decorating. I am not allowed to take anything off and I am very frustrated.

~dream skip~ Dad is putting down Marco and says something about drinking, "he doesn't drink" I defend. Dad opens mouth I talk over him "doesn't drink or smoke." I pause, then hastily add "or do drugs. He has his own things but that's personal. You shouldn't judge people."

~dream skip~ I start painting the edges of shelves black. Mom yells out "Is everyone ready?" I say yes and she is standing at the door staring at me as I keep on painting. She stares longer. I'm still painting up and down when she sighs and opens the door. I drop the brush and get in the car. It's a limo inside and everyone's there. The kids are in the back and the older in the front but then grandma appears in the back next to me. "Everyone buckled..." I am buckling ~wake up~

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