Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zombie Infestation

(It's been a long time since I've posted a dream, though I dream every night, this particular one was strange and interesting. I don't remember where it began, so I'll start in the middle but there was a lot more.)

I am at the top floor of a multi-story building with Mary and Lila and other female friends I don't remember. We were hiding out because there were zombies that wanted to eat our brains. The world was chaos, although the zombie epidemic was fairly recent. This small boy about age 12 and his kid brother about age 8 come in. We have lots of provisions and a pretty sweet set up. I was fairly prepared. Then the boy attacks me and I fend him off, ready to kill him when his kid brother jumps in front. He starts eating the back of his kid brothers head. I want to save the young boy but he begs me not to. His brother pays him a candy and a few pennies every time he eats a piece of him. I laugh and say that in these economic times his brother should at least be paying him a quarter or a dollar. The boy promises to pay his kid brother a quarter now and the boys take off. I see out the window a number of real people traveling in a group together. There were maybe hundreds if not more, all looking for a safe place to be. (I think this is to signify that there are quite a few survivors at this point of the infestation.)
Mary and Lila and a number of others are gone. Mary found a group of people she wanted to meet up with, I saw a vision of them out camping, it was all the singles and a bunch of people I knew from high school and other places, in the trees North East of where I was, but she forgot her jacket and cell phone. I needed to get those back to her. If she was in danger I wanted her to be able to call. I had two kids with me, Daniel and Rene and two friends, I don't know who or even if they were guy or girl, in the dream I didn't see them I just knew they were there.
Something has happened that sent an electric shock out into the sky. I knew that the zombies would see it and know there were people here. We were no longer safe. I noticed a helicopter off in the distance and realized that I could take whatever I wanted and it wouldn't be wrong. People were dead or zombies. The only problem is I don't know how to fly a helicopter. We headed out, fast, with packs on our back of provisions. Then I saw a jet. I had taken aviation class and I had been called a natural. The only problem is, I had never actually flown a real airplane. I was nervous but I knew our lives depended on it. We got in the plane, me up front, and I took off. It took a moment for me to figure how to open the blast shield (I don't know why a jet had a blast shield) so that I could see. For a while I was flying blind, with only the instruments. Then the shield opened and I could see sky. There was a Stealth bomber that flew directly beneath me, it was so amazing. Then the plane started to slow down and the front window was open, I was flapping my arms to keep us steady and moving. (I think this was the dream signifying that the plane was running out of fuel). I realized we had gone off course and I needed to back track to find the camp. As I was landing I saw this gorgeous blond woman walking down an isle, inspecting planes. I was landing at a base that had every type of aircraft you could think of. I landed, I needed to find something that I could fly.
~dream end~

(wow, interesting that I would get the hots for a long haired blond chick, she was drop dead gorgeous, good looking and amazing proportions. Yay, I saved two kids. Though if a zombie infestation really did happen, I don't know if I'd be a survivor or simply the first schmuck to die.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I am sharing an appartment with Sherlock Holmes and this other guy. We have no jobs and no money. Soon we will have no electricity, water or anything else and then we will lose the place completely. There is a newspaper on the table with a short story written by Jack London. He has his own column but will be leaving the paper. This was his last story. Sherlock has a great idea to send to the newspaper and wants to send it on nice cardstock with gold trim, except that all of them are either birthday wishes or silly saying. "...lick the cake off my nose." etc... Then I have an idea. Do we still have electrisity? (we've been sitting in the dark the whole time.) "yes, we still have electricity. Will there be a computer that I can use for about 10 min? "yes, there is" Then you write your idea and I'll be the secretary and type it up real nice. Then we can send it in. I hand Sherlock my notebook. Not realizing or remembering that he is a nosey person. He flips through the notebook and steals out a couple pages. I'm distraught, "give those back", he says he will but needs them for now. In the notebook are pictures sketched, pages of my face with sunglasses, over and over and over again. And pages of puppy's and the word's "It's a puppy!!!" all over some pages. Then a friend Mary, writes "he'll be lucky to have you" as a compliment to let Sherlock know he has the right person for the job. Then Sherlock is not the fictional character but actually, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Monday, January 11, 2010

flying, kung fu horses and goblins

I am in a forest and there is one other person with me. We are searching for an evil person/creature that wants to destroy us and others. There is a fight and I am alone. I have wings and fly to the top of this beautiful tree like structure that goes high into the sky about 3/4 of the way to the top of the Redwood trees. There is a circular platform that I land on. It is about the size of a small house. There is a hidden stairway that makes it possible to get up and down from the ground, if one can not fly. There is a bee and sometimes it is trying to sting me and other times it is just flying near me. I tell it to leave but it doesn't listen. I know the evil one will meet me up here and so I wait...

~dream skip~ I'm with Grammy and we are in the center of this field, she is in her wheelchair. The field is surrounded by tall hedges and though it is hidden from the hedges, I know my car is parked out on the street. Two horses are running around. They are fighting and tumbling. One horse that is smaller, is clearly the better fighter. They look almost like kung fu horses the way they fight and throw eachother. The smaller one has the larger one on the ground. It is whinnying to be let up and that it gives in. The smaller one lets it up and then it charges, trying to take the smaller one by surprise. Even though the smaller one keeps winning the larger one refuses to give up authority and so they continue to battle. Grammy then wheels to a break in the hedges, but it is a slender pathway so she has to get out of her wheel chair to hop sideways through the passage to get to the car. "What about your wheel chair?" I ask, as I am in front of her in the passage. "Mom will bring it." was all she said...

~dream skip~ Goblins from another planet are trying to take over the world. The world is in a panic. I have snuck into the goblin hold and am in a huge dinning room. This room could be the dinning room of a palace with enough benches and tables to fit thousands. I am serving food and managing the kitchen, while looking for my opportunity. I mess up some electrical things and then find a goblin that doesn't agree with the hostile take over of earth. He helps by turning this huge mechanical rock monster on his fellow goblins. ~wake up~