Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To kill a witch

I am zooming in on a game shop store. I see clothing as well as gaming stuff. I am looking for Matt but do not see him. I then zoom in on the back room, opening the door. It is a cluster of video arcades, roll playing figurines, games and end-tables. Then I am just a ghost figure observing as two people enter the room.

Little Goku (from Dragonball) is a prisoner so to speak. He walks in and stands near the entrance way. This man, about 6'4" is standing over him, towering. "You will have 30 seconds to survive. If you survive I will reward you with your life."

There is a small girl all in black floating in the upper left hand corner of this large back room. She has a webbed shawl covering her head and tying back her hair.

Goku takes one step near the end-table in the center of the room. A bar with a metal paddle on the end, shoots out nearly hitting him on the head. Goku backs up, nervous. He walks by the other side of the end-table and another metal arm shoots out, only this one has spikes on the end and all around. Goku bairly dodges that one. He then smiles and runs through the entire place, playing a couple of the arcades to get a feel for the place. All of this he does in 30 seconds, stoping just short of the end-table.

The man is surprised and pleased at the same time. Then it is no longer Goku that is standing there but it is me. I look up at the man and ask him, "What will I get if I kill the witch?"

The man looks at me and then looks at the witch floating in the corner. He then looks back at me with an evil look in his eyes. "you can have anything in the store that you can carry."

I fight the witch and defeat her. The witch had possessed the body of a beautiful maiden and the way that I killed the witch ended up freeing her from the spell. The man looks scared.

I see the lego castle and part of it is broken. I want to fix it but only end up making it worse.

I then run out into the store to find Matt. I shout out, "Matt, Matt, guess what! I defeated a witch and now get whatever I want...." I look around but Matt is nowhere to be seen. Then I see him and run up to him, "Matt!" He turns around and it's his friend Jim.

~Dream Skip~ I am living in Sacramento and receive a facebook message from Marco. He says, "I have the possibility of transfering out there. I can't believe you decided to live in Sacramento but I will come too. I want to spend more time with you, even if it's only for now.

~wake up~

[wow, living in sacramento. Isn't that more of a nighmare than a dream?]

Sunday, June 28, 2009

am I human?

I am at this convention type place only there are a lot of random people around. There is one guy who looks like he is walking on stilts, come to find out he is part Giant. From this I get the impression that this is no normal grouping of people. Everyone has some type of magical blood in them. I wonder how I was able to sneak in, seeing how I am fully human, but no one seems to notice. I get a call from Joleen and I tell her where I am. I am with Lila and she is unable to reach the dress she wants. She doesn't want to ask for help, it is a frilly barbie type dress. There is a cabinet in the corner with a typewritter in it. I head towards the typewriter when I remember about Joleen's phone call. I race out, now I am alone. I get to the parking garage.

~dream skip~ I pass Joleen who is with a small group, there are about 3 or 4 people there. I drive past and go to park.

~dream skip~ I am in line with the group. Even though I'm getting back in, I have to be with Joleen and all so that they would be able to get inside.

~dream skip~ I am now with Marco alone at a house. We are sitting on a couch talking.

~wake up~

[This is not the true end of the dream....to be continued in one of my stories]

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Facility

I am in this school type facility. It is not a choice but a forced thing. It is almost like a prison because all of us are to stay in the facility and the outside doors are locked. There is this little girl, sweetest little thing, probably about 7years old or so, and she is talking about her dad. She loves her dad very much but he is in jail for being a murderer.

~Dream Skip~ It's like a camera shot that zooms in on a prison and down the hall, through the locker rooms, stopping at this older man in a chair, (probably about 60yrs old maybe a bit younger but no less than 50) He is talking about how he was a good person but then someone kept making this sound, Ehhhhhhhhhy (it sounds like a guttural A), he snapped. Now anytime he hears that sound he wants to go out and kill and he can not stop himself.

~Dream skip~ Over the loud speaker comes the sound, Ehhhhhhhhhy, I look around and the little girl is gone. Then through the window to the outside I see her walking away with a maniacal look on her face.

~Dream skip~ I am with this guy, he is a bit younger maybe about my brothers age, and he is needing to sand board across this area to get to a building. I am in charge only there are no remotes or keyboards or anything like you would find in a video game. I am not really there though, more like a presence. I follow him and direct him around rocks, so that he stays on the sand. It is a continuous ride and on accident I end up taking the more complicated road when we reached a fork. It took us up over this mountainous terrain where there was very little sand. He had great skill or I had great navigation, either way he even boarded on a small thin piece of sand with his back to the mountain rocks with only enough sand for half of his board. The other half of the board was hanging in mid air over a huge drop.

We made it to the end and it was all sand. He stopped at the end which was a huge stretch of sand that dropped off to the sand below. The building was down there. We looked at each other and I smiled, "jump". He leapt with the board attached to his feet and landed right in front of the building. The building was the same facility I had been locked up in.

~Dream skip~ I was at my own place, lots of bad memories behind me. There was a package in the mail, I thought it would be the stuff I had left behind at "The Facility", but it turns out to be stuff that I had junked or mailed back to them. I threw it across the room, frustrated, angry and hurt.

~Dream Skip~ I am with a group of people at a class. It is a religious class but I am exhausted and sleep through most of it. I keep trying to open my eyes but they close again.

~wake up~

Friday, June 12, 2009

Protect the invention and save the kids.

I am caught in some kind of time warp. I was in this group of people that was creating some kind of revolutionary invention. Other neighboring groups want to steal not only the idea but how we did it and take the whole thing. We have it sectioned off into pieces and that's when I got caught in the time warp. (i don't remember what happened in the warp but when I got back I knew that the bully would come with his side kick to come and bully us out of the invention and then destroy it.) I return from the time warp and run up the stairs to the roof of a building. It is raining outside. Everyone is huddled together trying to decided who will take what sections. I run in and they cry out "there you are. We've been so worried. How could you abandon the project?" I look at them, glancing over my shoulder. "That's not important, what's important is protecting our invention." I draw boxes on a piece of paper with columns. Each row symbolizes one of the group and each column symbolizes a time of day. We create X's on who is going to take what watch. I was on the first watch. Everyone left and the bully came to steal. The piece of project I had was a small wrapped up tube. I slipped it into my backpack and the bully tried to threaten me. I stood my ground...

[dream skip] I am with Nick and Krista and this guy. There are these two men trying to take the kids. (there is a reason but I have no idea what it is, just that I am their only chance, but they don't understand the danger). We all end up running, I tell the guy to keep the kids with him and I'll run ahead to draw the men off because for some reason it's me they want even though they are out to kidnap the kids. (I know, I know, that doesn't make sense but in the dream it did) When I look over my shoulder I am far ahead but the guy is a few blocks back and the kids are way behind him. "You Idiot!!! You left the kids!" He stops and looks back. I run back and the kids are running to me. The two bad men got on this bus/train (one of those light rails or buses on tracks that runs on electricity) The bus/train stops and the men coax the kids who listen and get on. They smile and wave at me, thinking this is all a game. I cry out and yell at the guy "now they've got the kids." The guy didn't seem too broken up about it, but he got upset when I chased down the bus/train and leaped on. The two men laughed but I told the driver to radio for the police, as she picked up the radio one of the men pulled out a gun. "You put that radio down or I'll shoot." The driver slowly put down her radio. I stared at the men. Krista ran to me and hugged me. The kids still didn't understand the danger but I knew that I would protect them no matter what happened to me, and I knew that the bad men knew it too. ~wake up~

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I can't believe it, no dreams last night. That has to be the first night in a long, long time. I don't always remember them or take the time to record them, but I always wake up knowing they are there.

I had trouble sleeping last night, hmmmmmm wonder why...but even so I woke up without the slightest twinge of a dream. Nothing. I don't know if to be sad or relieved or shocked or what. "It's a gift and a curse" as Monk would always say.

Friday, June 5, 2009

On Trains and Prairies

I am a man or a male of about 12 to 14 years of age. I am with my friends and we are out playing when we hear a sound. They all start screaming and some of them freeze up. Soon all of my friends are frozen, curled into balls and they all look like rocks. (I don't know if it's magic or a rock colored blanket or if that's just what it looks like when people on the prairie, or wherever we were, curl up into a ball on the ground) They are scared. The monster turns out to be a T-Rex. It dips it's massive head to the ground, sniffing. I run up and leap on it's neck, climbing up towards it's head. It raises up to full height, I have to grab at the tiny hairs and hope I don't fall. I hang on and then when he stops I climb to the top of his head and stab his eye, and stab his other eye. He roars back and I go flying, landing on my side. He is now blinded, I now have the advantage to take him down.

[dream skip] I am on a moving train. There is a drama final that is being turned in. It is to read a piece of work, we had created, on stage. I start reading (wish I could remember, it was beautiful and amazing) It had to do with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but was written in such a way that it could include the Great Spirit, The Divine, Krishna, and any other such being. Everyone in class was leaving and talking though, while I was trying to read. One student stayed. The teacher never noticed. I continued as if nothing was happening. Then when I got to the end I realized that it felt incomplete and then I had a book in my hand which I read some from for inspiration to finish the piece. The teacher complimented me but asked if I read that last part from a book, which would be copyrighting, or copy reading, something as my own that wasn't. I said that I did read small snippets but mostly just used it for inspiration. She smiled and asked me to do my piece again. I did, only this time it was in a sing songy voice that was beautiful.

[dream skip] The kids all surround me, we are out in the land that is open and free. They tell me how I saved our village and that I am their protector. I am the Tyrannosaurus slayer.

[dream skip] I am wondering on the train. There is a door that opens out to a seat dangling from the train. It is a wire mesh type, make shift, chair that is just a back and a seat. When you sit in it your feet dangle over the moving tracks. It may not be an actual seat but I sit out there to get away from people and to meditate/ think on my own. I look out on the seat but then have to get to lunch. After drama, my teacher gave me a lunch ticket, so that I would be able to eat. I can not afford lunch on my own. There are two lunch halls, one that is less crowded and one where all my friends are. I peak in the less crowded one and then peak in the other room. Then I head back to the less crowded room, I was so hungry.

~wake up~