Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friend of a raptor?

I am surrounded by vampires but none of them are looking to bite me. The leader controls them and turns to me to say something....

~dream skip~ I am watching a horror flick but it's like I'm actually there, kinda like 3D only better. Two guys are in the water and something is in there with them. I scream for them to get out, but, of course, they can't hear me. One is a man about in his early 40's and the other is a youth about age 18.

"Something touched my leg" The man states, looking around in the water, carefully.
The youth shakes his head, "Is this another training stunt? You trying to scare me and see how well I stay under control?"

The man smiles and begins to respond when a different look crosses his face. He sensed something that couldn't be seen and shouts, "Get out of the water, Now!"

They both swim to the edge and get out just as a dinosaur leaps out of the water. All i see is vague images, claws, teeth, a tail and staring reptilian eyes. They run and hide behind a rock. Now in full view the creature stands at the edge of the water, a raptor. It sniffs the air, cocks it's head and smiles. "I know where you are and I will have you." It leaps on top of the rock, they scramble quietly to the other side as the creature jumps down to where they were seconds before.

"Ah, so it's a chase is it. I love the hunt." Then the creature uses it's senses to follow the two guys. They barely evade each time. The raptor gets closer with each attempt as the humans begin to tire. Then, as they are hiding behind the same rock, the raptor jumps on top of the rock but then jumps backwards to the spot it came from. The two guys had crawled to that side in anticipation of the raptors movements, they had misjudged. The raptor watches them, cocking it's head from side to side.

~Dream skip~ Somehow the two guys had escaped that scene and were again hiding from the raptor. I am now in the scene talking to the raptor. "If you leave some food out as a trap, you would be sure to catch them. It has been days and their bodies need sustenance."

The raptor nods it's head and we collect a few things. A slice of cooked steak, oh it smelled soooo good, but I had a mission. Also a banana and an orange. These were laid out with a string attached and then we left.

As we lay out the traps the raptor cries out, "I forgot the small cages." The raptor is talking about small birdcage type cages that the people would be cramped, stuffed inside.

"What about those two cages over there." I point at two larger, cube cages.

"Those cages are for Jedi only."

"What's to say that these two are not Jedi? They evaded us for so long...and if we are wrong? They will be put in different cages but they will still be captured. We claim ignorance and will not be punished. They do act like Jedi, other than not having lightsaber weapons."

~Dream Skip~ The guys are each in one of the cube cages. The raptor takes the first cage and I am pushing the second one. We leave the area following a small hidden path that leads to a metal mesh gate. Opening the gate we head down a more man made path towards some buildings.

The raptor passes a group of kids that are hitting the cage with lightsabers. Then they are gone. The raptor is faster than I am. I am pushing the cage and come across the same kids. A young boy cries out, "They don't look like Jedi!" I smile, but say nothing.

The 18 year old is the one in my cage and shouts, "Not yet! I'm a Padawan!" I smile to myself, if that was true then the other would definitely be a Jedi. What luck.

The kids are hitting the cage with plastic lightsabers.

I don't know where I am going, apparently I am only pretending to be a member of this organization, for what reason I do not know. I have people direct me along the way until I end up going through the back of a Safeway and through some large bay doors out in the back. Then I am inside. "I'm actually inside." I exclaim under my breath. I had never thought I would get this far. It was frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

Following orders and directions I end up in the room where the "Jedi" was being held. I push the cage next to the other one. They are talking to me as I am standing there and I'm trying to ignore. I can't afford to get caught now and if I show empathy I would be found out. The raptor comes in...

~Wake up~

[Wish I could remember more....I remember there was a fight of some kind and a fire. I'd like to know what happens next and what happens to me.

Am I a fighter? Am I just there for information? Am I a spy with secret abilities? Am I magical? Am I human? Am I a member of a greater organization that is not evil? Am I there to free a friend who was captured?

There are so many possibilities, all I know is that I was successful in infiltrating the facility, but I don't know if my mission, what ever that may be, was successful.]

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