Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No one truely wants me

I am talking with my boss [don't know what my job is but somehow in the dream I know he is my boss], we are in a public bathroom for some reason. I am in short shorts and a nice top. I am waiting to see if he wants me, I was tired of making the moves and didn't want to be easy or desperate, could a guy really be attracted to me so much he would do anything to make me fall in love with him? As he leaves I realize that he doesn't want me. I am a little sad, when I hear a noise. Carefully I peek under the stalls to see if there is a pair of shoes. There is a naked guy, he had been looking up my shorts, they were short but not tight. There is a nasty leer on his face. I leave.

~dream skip~ Boss is yelling mad. I hadn't told him about the creepy guy but he had found out anyways.

~dream skip~ I am in a car with someone who is driving. We are looking for a place to park and can't find anything. We see a parking garage that says "lot full" but there is a strange feeling. We decide to check it out.

~dream skip~ We are walking around the bottom floor and there are no open spaces. We go to the top, roof, and there are tons of open spaces. It had been blocked off and abandoned. There were people sitting in some of the cars. At closer look we noticed they were dead. These cars were abandoned during the time of the "plague"

~Dream skip~ I am in this house, hiding from some guards. They are coming up to the house and the husband and wife get me under the floor boards. The guards barge in and search the place, nothing. Then one says "we haven't checked under the floor" I crawl to the edge, there is an opening to outside. Half my body is out but I stupidly want to watch. The guards look around and see nothing and then one turns his head and sees me, looking straight into my eyes. He yells out and I take off. I am running like crazy. Jumping fences, going through bushes, trying to be as hard to follow as possible. I end up across a street and as I run and try to hide or jump fences dogs are barking. There is no where to go, but to run.

~dream skip~ I see a garbage can, the chariot with the guards is getting close. I hide behind the garbage can and this guy sees me do it. He is staring at my hiding place saying, "What are you doing back there." over and over, getting louder. The guards come up and see me. I get out and they use these iron metal type hand cuffs (like from olden days for under the castle prison type cuffs.) I secretly notice that my wrists are too small and I could slip out. I stand in the back of the chariot and they are taking me away. We travel through this forest type place and I take off running, slipping out of the cuffs. I climb up a tree after circling around a bit all over. I hear dogs. I hide as far back in the leaves as possible so that I couldn't see anything myself, if I could see them there was a chance that they would see me. The dogs are all around sniffing and the guards are yelling, cursing and searching. I look at the cuffs still in my hand thinking I should have left them for the guards to find, to confuse them more, but then they would figure out that I could slip out of the cuffs, I would need a way to open them first. ~wake up~

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