Tuesday, July 7, 2009

singles, marriage and a secret

There is a Singles party that I am trying to avoid. William gives me a ride home and then I get a text that the party is at Neal's house. I go to my room to take out my trash when Derek comes in.

I had heard him asking my mom if he could talk to me because he knows that I've been down lately. I have the trash bag in my hand filling it with the trash. There is still trash on the floor and I want to just clean it up, even though Derek is standing there looking at me.

"Hey" He says quietly.
"Hey" I reply in the same quiet voice.

Derek then smiles a small smile and I return the same smile...

~dream skip~ My memory is going fast. My mom asks me what I was doing and I look down acting guilty, like I was doing something I shouldn't. I then look up at her, not quite meeting her eyes, "I was talking about medical..." She looks like she doesn't believe me but I really couldn't even remember what I had been doing seconds before.

~dream skip~ I am having a heart to heart with Derek.

~Dream skip~ I am on a boat, this pomeranian dog hates me. There is this guy there. Something happens and I am skilled in helping out with the danger or natural disater or whatever bad thing happened.

Then I married this guy and afterwords I find out that he is Batman. There is another married couple living in the same house. The guy from the couple is sharing a room with me, we have seperate beds on opposite sides of a medium small size room. He is drop dead gorgeous. I am sitting on my bed as he climbs in to sleep, I smile, "You're lucky. I had just changed those sheets so it is clean." He smiles as he leans against the pillows in a half sitting position, watching me...

The girl from the couple has her own room and my husband has the master bedroom all to himself.

~dream skip~ I leave the room and the pommeranian dog rushes up. Now the dog loves me and we wrestle and play. I pick up the dog and ruffle the fur...

~wake up~

[wow another random scattered dream.]

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