Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looks like the Church is True

I am Rainbow Brite but plain, without any color as if the color had been sucked out of me. Color is leaving everything. There is a frightening being that is responsible for this. i make a rainbow across this chasm (like the grand canyon) and ride Starlight across as fast as I can to leap to the other side. I had expected the rainbow to lose color at any time and wanted to be across. When I look back I see the rainbow still in full color. As I stand there and stare, the color is gradually removed, turning it a variety of shade of gray, starting from the other side of the Chasm...and then it crumbles into nothingness. The gray is coming close to me and I have to get away. I want to fight but all I can think to do is run.

~dream skip~ I am in the SUV but when I hit the brakes the car only slows down. I can't get it to stop. I am at a red light and do not wish to go into the intersection. I keep my foot on the brake to go at a really slow pace and then turn the wheel so that I am going in circles instead of crossing over the crosswalk into the intersection. There is another car that comes up behind me and sees what I am doing. The creep closer so that I would possibly hit them.

~dream skip~ Directing kids through this house, only it's like a maze. I don't know where I am going so they have to navigate. I get more lost. This little girl finally takes charge, the boy was just taking us all in circles. Then we are at the front door. She goes outside to wait for her mom. I wait by the door watching her out the window. The boy says that their previous caretaker just sent the girl outside and then went back to the main room. I would never do that, I stay there.

~dream skip~ I am at church sitting on the small couch out of the meeting hall, near the glass doors. Marco is sitting there. Some guy is sitting next to him trying to force him to take a calling by leaving a guilt trip. Marco begins arguing and they both argue, getting in each others faces. I keep putting my hand between them, I am ignored. I tap the guy on the shoulder, grab his arm, push his chest and still he ignores me. Finally the guy turns to me and I get down on him for trying to guilt someone into a calling. I use things like "Is that what Christ would do?" and "Is that the kind of service you want, something that is forced?" Then the guy takes me aside to whisper and ask me questions that are non of his business [but for some reason I don't think about that in the dream. Too naive and honest.] "Does Marco pray?" I whisper "Yes" "Does he read his scriptures?" I whisper "I don't know but I believe he does and sometimes he reads with me."

Then I go back to Marco who is half laughing silently with his eyes and a smile on his face. When I get up to him he says "We will be late for class" I bend down to pick up all of my stuff and when I stand up, Marco is gone. I walk up and down the halls looking in each of the classes, searching but not finding him. (gospel doctrine, essentials and I don't know what the other classes in the dream were ) None of the class doors are closed and all of them, it's as if the back wall is missing so I'm just there in the back searching heads. I don't see him anywhere so I go back to the couch.

The sacrament is being passed. There are like 30 people passing the bread to all of the classrooms and everyone in the hall and such. I am surprised that I take a piece of bread out of habit. I realize what I have done, but can't take it back. There is a little boy watching me, like 5yrs old. So Instead I pretend to eat it and leave it in my hand. Then I try to figure out how I can pretend to take the water. After thinking for a bit, I realize it is not a good idea to pretend, to make things look good on the outside. So I decide to go into the bathroom to wait.

I'm in the waiting room I begin writing. I write a few beautifully worded pages for my story. It is a masterpiece in the making.

~dream skip~ I am playing a book on CD [I think I am still in the bathroom waiting room that is more like a living room]. After a while the book hits a passage that sounds familiar. I look down and it is word for word what I have written. I am mortified. Did I copyright with out even knowing it? How is that possible for an entire chapter? It sounded so good and now I wouldn't be able to use it.

Then the CD starts talking to me. It says my name and starts talking about Christ. I am awe struck and believe. I look at the CD and realize that the copyright and the message are on track 6 and 7. I try to write down what the CD is saying to me but all of my pens seem to be out of ink. I keep trying and they are not working. I pull out a red pen but it bleeds blood over the page, ruining the words it is writing. I use a highlighter but it smears to the point of eliminating the letters completely. I use a pencil and it is working but it breaks and I hold the lead in my hand still trying to write.

~dream skip~ I am in the main hall of the church. Everyone is still in classes and doesn't know or notice, a war breaks out. I need to check my phone to find out where Marco is and show him my discovery / writing. I am in the back and walk to the hall, jumping over a trench, bomb blown hole. On the other side this man looks at me sneering...

[Well I prayed that the Lord would be with me in my dreams to help me figure things out. I prayed to know the truth and that it would be made manifest in my dream, if it is the Lord's will. That would mean that Christ is the Savior and that the Christian religion is true. Which would mean the Mormon religion wouldn't it? I guess I better read the Book of Mormon again. What an interesting, confusing, enlightening and frightening dream. To be concluded in HD journal.]

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