Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't remember much but apperantly I went to walgrenes with my family and it was like a value center type of place only super nice and an icecream parlor in the back and such. We went in just for icecream and when we left there was a booth to pay for parking. My mom got upset and said that we only came for icecream and they wouldn't let us leave. It was five dollars. Mom went inside and complained to the manager who was immovable even when my mom said she would never come back. The managers wife was on her husbands side until she realized that it was only five dollars. He was immovable and I don't know what my mom did but I got on a bicycle and rode home. [The only thing was that it was a completely different neighborhood from where I live and even the Walgreenes was in a different shoping center than I've ever seen before.] I rode my bike through side streets and it was night time.

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