Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zombie Infestation

(It's been a long time since I've posted a dream, though I dream every night, this particular one was strange and interesting. I don't remember where it began, so I'll start in the middle but there was a lot more.)

I am at the top floor of a multi-story building with Mary and Lila and other female friends I don't remember. We were hiding out because there were zombies that wanted to eat our brains. The world was chaos, although the zombie epidemic was fairly recent. This small boy about age 12 and his kid brother about age 8 come in. We have lots of provisions and a pretty sweet set up. I was fairly prepared. Then the boy attacks me and I fend him off, ready to kill him when his kid brother jumps in front. He starts eating the back of his kid brothers head. I want to save the young boy but he begs me not to. His brother pays him a candy and a few pennies every time he eats a piece of him. I laugh and say that in these economic times his brother should at least be paying him a quarter or a dollar. The boy promises to pay his kid brother a quarter now and the boys take off. I see out the window a number of real people traveling in a group together. There were maybe hundreds if not more, all looking for a safe place to be. (I think this is to signify that there are quite a few survivors at this point of the infestation.)
Mary and Lila and a number of others are gone. Mary found a group of people she wanted to meet up with, I saw a vision of them out camping, it was all the singles and a bunch of people I knew from high school and other places, in the trees North East of where I was, but she forgot her jacket and cell phone. I needed to get those back to her. If she was in danger I wanted her to be able to call. I had two kids with me, Daniel and Rene and two friends, I don't know who or even if they were guy or girl, in the dream I didn't see them I just knew they were there.
Something has happened that sent an electric shock out into the sky. I knew that the zombies would see it and know there were people here. We were no longer safe. I noticed a helicopter off in the distance and realized that I could take whatever I wanted and it wouldn't be wrong. People were dead or zombies. The only problem is I don't know how to fly a helicopter. We headed out, fast, with packs on our back of provisions. Then I saw a jet. I had taken aviation class and I had been called a natural. The only problem is, I had never actually flown a real airplane. I was nervous but I knew our lives depended on it. We got in the plane, me up front, and I took off. It took a moment for me to figure how to open the blast shield (I don't know why a jet had a blast shield) so that I could see. For a while I was flying blind, with only the instruments. Then the shield opened and I could see sky. There was a Stealth bomber that flew directly beneath me, it was so amazing. Then the plane started to slow down and the front window was open, I was flapping my arms to keep us steady and moving. (I think this was the dream signifying that the plane was running out of fuel). I realized we had gone off course and I needed to back track to find the camp. As I was landing I saw this gorgeous blond woman walking down an isle, inspecting planes. I was landing at a base that had every type of aircraft you could think of. I landed, I needed to find something that I could fly.
~dream end~

(wow, interesting that I would get the hots for a long haired blond chick, she was drop dead gorgeous, good looking and amazing proportions. Yay, I saved two kids. Though if a zombie infestation really did happen, I don't know if I'd be a survivor or simply the first schmuck to die.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I am sharing an appartment with Sherlock Holmes and this other guy. We have no jobs and no money. Soon we will have no electricity, water or anything else and then we will lose the place completely. There is a newspaper on the table with a short story written by Jack London. He has his own column but will be leaving the paper. This was his last story. Sherlock has a great idea to send to the newspaper and wants to send it on nice cardstock with gold trim, except that all of them are either birthday wishes or silly saying. "...lick the cake off my nose." etc... Then I have an idea. Do we still have electrisity? (we've been sitting in the dark the whole time.) "yes, we still have electricity. Will there be a computer that I can use for about 10 min? "yes, there is" Then you write your idea and I'll be the secretary and type it up real nice. Then we can send it in. I hand Sherlock my notebook. Not realizing or remembering that he is a nosey person. He flips through the notebook and steals out a couple pages. I'm distraught, "give those back", he says he will but needs them for now. In the notebook are pictures sketched, pages of my face with sunglasses, over and over and over again. And pages of puppy's and the word's "It's a puppy!!!" all over some pages. Then a friend Mary, writes "he'll be lucky to have you" as a compliment to let Sherlock know he has the right person for the job. Then Sherlock is not the fictional character but actually, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Monday, January 11, 2010

flying, kung fu horses and goblins

I am in a forest and there is one other person with me. We are searching for an evil person/creature that wants to destroy us and others. There is a fight and I am alone. I have wings and fly to the top of this beautiful tree like structure that goes high into the sky about 3/4 of the way to the top of the Redwood trees. There is a circular platform that I land on. It is about the size of a small house. There is a hidden stairway that makes it possible to get up and down from the ground, if one can not fly. There is a bee and sometimes it is trying to sting me and other times it is just flying near me. I tell it to leave but it doesn't listen. I know the evil one will meet me up here and so I wait...

~dream skip~ I'm with Grammy and we are in the center of this field, she is in her wheelchair. The field is surrounded by tall hedges and though it is hidden from the hedges, I know my car is parked out on the street. Two horses are running around. They are fighting and tumbling. One horse that is smaller, is clearly the better fighter. They look almost like kung fu horses the way they fight and throw eachother. The smaller one has the larger one on the ground. It is whinnying to be let up and that it gives in. The smaller one lets it up and then it charges, trying to take the smaller one by surprise. Even though the smaller one keeps winning the larger one refuses to give up authority and so they continue to battle. Grammy then wheels to a break in the hedges, but it is a slender pathway so she has to get out of her wheel chair to hop sideways through the passage to get to the car. "What about your wheel chair?" I ask, as I am in front of her in the passage. "Mom will bring it." was all she said...

~dream skip~ Goblins from another planet are trying to take over the world. The world is in a panic. I have snuck into the goblin hold and am in a huge dinning room. This room could be the dinning room of a palace with enough benches and tables to fit thousands. I am serving food and managing the kitchen, while looking for my opportunity. I mess up some electrical things and then find a goblin that doesn't agree with the hostile take over of earth. He helps by turning this huge mechanical rock monster on his fellow goblins. ~wake up~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To save the children and myself

On Sims I am creating a world. I am building a small pier next to the ocean but it looks more like a bridge that i then build a house there instead. Tina creates a little girl. She is her child. I create a little boy and then he is real. I am charge of this little boy about 4 or 5 years old. I am not very skilled but somehow I am a part of this secret organization. There is this group that is after the little boy and wants to kill him. They are out to kill me. I run through our warehouse and nobody is able to stop them.

~dream skip~ They have taken the little boy and I am hurt, but not bad (maybe a bump on the head or scratch on the leg or my arm pulled out of socket but now back together....dream didn't tell me) I run after them and there is this lady with evil eyes and a hatred that can not be matched. Her blond hair is butchered short and she is fast and skilled.

~dream skip~ I have the boy in my arms. I will not lose him again. I am driving, then running.

~dream skip~ Somehow I made it to the warehouse alive. Many of the people chasing me have been killed, except for the lady with the evil aura. I'm running, calling for any help I can get, but nobody comes. There are two other guys chasing me as well.

~dream skip~ I killed the two guys somehow and still have the child in my arms. The lady is gaining on me. I rush to the stairs. I just have to get to the top where the head of the organization is. I have to get the boy there and he will be safe. I get to the top and he is dead. My entire organization has been wiped out with only the boy and myself. The lady is gaining on us and I realize I have little time left...

~dream skip~ I am in another organization. One that doesn't listen to me or share vital information that applies to me personally. It's like I don't exist. The boy I had watched earlier in the dream had been adopted to a good home and he is safe. I am put in charge of another child, only not in person. I am ordered to watch the surrounding area and report any and everything that seems important.

~dream skip~ There have been deaths. My child. This other guys child. Then other deaths, I can tell that they are all connected. No one will listen to me. I am figuring things out and working secretly on the "case". When aquiring a unique piece of information I decide to share it with my boss. "All of the case files end in 89" I say. "How do you know that?" He asked accusing. "I've been finding stuff out, I haven't done anything wrong. I didn't go into any forbidden rooms or locked files..." He shakes his head and lets me know that under no uncertain terms was I to continue in this search. "I know it's about me. Whoever this is, is out to scare me and get me." He waved me off and I stomp away. I agree to watch Debbie's kids, what else could I do. I am at the old house, but it is different, still two story but not quite as huge. I am given my own room on the right hand side of the second floor. Someone is up there with me, she is talking to me about the "case", I tell her that I've added up the days and that in three days it will have been 89 days. "what will happen then?" She asked. I shrugged. Then I go back into the room and lock the door so the kids wont walk in while I'm changing. A woman steps out of the closet. "You don't remember me." she said as a statement. "I had hoped your new leash would prevent you from figuring it out this far. I'd rather wait the three days, but I can't have them figuring things out. It looks like I have to kill you now." We fight like crazy. I kick the knife out of her hand. She has a cord to strangle me with. I rush around this cart in the middle of the floor to get to the door. I am shouting, "Don't kill me. She's in here." She turns and runs to the window. I chase after her. I was not about to let her get away. Her feet hang out by the window as she is pulled up into a helicopter. I leap out the window, grabbing on to her legs, hoping to weight her down and prevent her from escaping. Instead we both get pulled up. There is a scattering of followers sitting in the back area of the copter. I had seen each of them at least once during my attempts to figure out the "case". "Looks like I can wait" she smiled. I'd been captured. I tried to cause discontent and suspicions by talking to her rag tag following of a crew but it didn't work.

~dream skip~ I am in the back of a car now, surrounded by the crew while the woman is driving. I try to nonchalantly look out the window and mouth help me. No body notices. Once we enter another state the authorities will be unable to help me or save me. I see a cop and she looks over but I can't tell if she notices or not. We slip through the check point upon leaving California and there is a lodge with arcade games and food and such. It is so tempting that the woman pulls over and we go inside. It's like a real version of a tourist trap. It draws you and keeps you there with free arcades, prizes and only needing to pay for the food. I walk to the back and am left alone. The are watching me and if I try for the doors or windows I'll be in trouble. Not that it matters since in another two days she will kill me anyways. I play an arcade game that wins me free guacamole that is simply dumped into the toy receiving area. not sanitary or appetizing at all. I get an old pizza box and scoop out the guacamole. I begin eating it and this boy says..."you get a coupon for free guacamole at Wenchell's. But it's not really all that good." I notice that nobody is watching me at the moment. I wonder if I can slip up to the window to be seen. I'm trying to slowly make my way to the lodge window...I hear cop sirens in the distance...~wake up~

(upon waking I realize that the cop did recognize me. Actually had been expecting us to go this way and the lodge was an expensive trap laid out right before the border.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Escape from the skeletons

I am watching a friends house. I have made a new account to be able to play the video games without changing her account. Only, I made the account on the third day and did play on her account the first two days. I forgot to feed the fish for 4 days and raced around to make sure they all had food. The fish were starving.

~dream skip~ I am at the house I am watching, with Tina. I see these posters and I'm going through them when I see one that belongs to Tina. I show it too her and she freaks out. "I destroyed that one" Immidiately I feel bad, like it's my fault. I look at the pictures on the poster and they look amazing. I couldn't understand her response. A part of me wants to destroy the poster for her sake and a part of me wants to hide it and keep it.

~dream skip~ I am with a group of people, some of them kids. We are trapped in a room with only one door in or out and there are skeleton warriors after us. We hear the banging on the door and know that soon they will break in and we will be dead. I see a vent up top and quietly direct everyone, the youngest first, into the vent and we crawl for a ways before I decide it's far enough to drop back down into the hall. We run through the maze and then after a short time begin to hear the skeleton warriors coming up behind us. There is this huge room with glass doors that I run up to trying to open. The doors are locked...

~dream skip~ We are now running down a familiar hall with the skeletons right on our heels. I get everyone in and lock the door. We are in the same room we had just escaped from...

~dream skip~ Somehow we had gotten out of that room because now we are in a huge open space with a parking lot streched out in front of us and lots of people all around. We hide in the crowd as people scream. The skeletons had shown up and multiplied from a small dozen to hundreds and they kept pouring out. I looked around and my small group was gone. What were we going to do. I made myself visible in the chaos to the skeletons and they charged in my direction. I then heard a strange sound and turned to look behind me, knowing that it was a dumb move to take my eyes off of the skeleton warriors. What I saw was a wall of flame coming towards me rapidly. I ran towards the parking lot, towards the fire and squezed myself between two large vehicles, crouching next to the tires. The fire wooshed by. I get out from between the cars and notice that a lot of people had dropped to the ground on their knees, and the fire had gone over their heads, harmlessly. Many skeletons had been vaperized. The rest came after us when the sound of fire built up again and instictivly the people dropped to the ground face down. Some of the skeletons copied them and as the fire passed, those skeletons were spared. This happened three times total with the fire getting closer to the ground each time. After the third time there was only a scattering of skeletons left. People were cheering when all of a sudden a wall opened up and thousands of skeletons poured out, the leader laughing. People screamed and ran in every direction. I looked over my shoulder wondering where the wall of fire went. It was silent. I turned back, knowing there was no hope in surviving this many skeleton warriors. I faced them, amidst the screaming, panicking crowd and I know they saw me, but I also knew that they would slaughter anybody they came across on their way to me. I began walking towards the warriors, towards my death, when I heard it. The fire was coming from behind again and the skeletons were focused on me. If I remained standing they might not notice the fire until it was too late. People behind me had already dropped to the ground. I heard someone in the distance scream out my name. All of a sudden the skeleton leader noticed the fire and panicked running back through one of the many tunnel entrances, calling for someone to close the wall of a door, but most of the skeletons were oblivious. They had just one goal in mind and that was to kill me. I ignored the army racing down on me and simply stood there, listening to the roar of the fire, waiting until I could feel the heat on my back before I dropped to the ground. I didn't know how I did it but somehow I survived. Somehow I had been able to dodge the fire by sound alone although I would have a pretty nasty heat burn on my back for a while, but with the adrenaline rush I couldn't feel it. When I stood up the throne room was empty. The leader and skeletons had been destroyed. Then I noticed a few skeletons standing up. Some had been smart enough to avoid the fire. People were running away, hiding in the cars in the parking lot. One of the skeletons spoke to me. "We are no longer bound to our leader. We are no longer forced to kill you. You have spared us from the fire of death. We will not harm you." The skeletons sheathed their swords. I believed it and turned to tell the people that it was ok when one of the 6 skeletons standing behind me pulled out its sword. I heard the sound and dropped to the ground rolling to the side and jumping to my feet, now facing the skeleton. I had no time to wonder how I had been able to do that, there was a sword coming at me, lusting for my blood. I braced myself for a fight I knew I would lose when the remaining 5 skeletons attacked their "buddy" and disarmed it, impailing it on its own sword. One of them yelled, "the fire!" I grabbed a chunk of wood and ran up to the stage the skeleton leader had been on. There were curtains still burning. I pulled out some burning cloth and held it by the chunk of wood I was holding. I ran to the skeletons and jabbed it into the ribs of the one who had tried to kill me. The others had backed off, afraid of the fire. I then turned to the rest and they knelt on the ground. Each one pledged its life to serve me and I felt the power of it, I knew that they would serve me. My only question was why they would choose to pledge to me?
~wake up~

(a theory I have is that the skeleton warriors have to be pledged to someone and they can be forcibly pledged to follow a skeleton leader. Once the leader is dead they are free but with the freedom comes a price as to who they may end up being pledged to. They trusted me and made a pledge to not only spare their lives but to save them from slavery to a different type of master. Maybe there is even someone out there "recruiting" skeletons and they don't want to chance being pledged to him.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vigilante Leader, Trudy Lives and an SUV

There are three people who are standing by me in some type of incident. We are trying to escape and there is one person who has the ability to track us and find us. The first time we get up to this roof and the person catches us.

~dream rewind~ We are escaping, only everyone seems to remember the alternate ending that didn't happen, where we got caught. The person chasing us appears next to us as we are getting ready to split off. He says that he will catch us 'again' no matter how many times we go back in time. I tell him good luck and one of my now four members following me decides to join the "winning" side. Instead of us running wild I come up with a plan and become the leader, they all listen to me and I feel hope that we will get away.

~dream skip~ Trudy is found alive, but had lost most of her memory. She is going to relearn and relive her life with Monk. They decide that it is time to have a kid, she wants one with Adriane. She has special agent people who are with her all the time and each one has a specialty ability, which in the beginning of her pregnancy she abuses by having them get her stuff etc...

~wake up~

~new dream~ A girl is standing outside, when this black SUV barrles down the road and shoots the drivers side window in her car. Without thinking she leaps into the car and takes off after them. She had seen them turn right two streets down. Sitting on broken glass she races round the corner and catches a glimps of a car turning right. She swerves and turns and there they are. Tailing them she reads the license number. Immideately she pulls over and types the number into a text message window on her phone. The SUV had turned and was gone. She pulls out and heads back home when the SUV appears behind her and a gun is pointing out the passanger window straight at her. She turns left and presses the gas, speeding through stop signs. Her boyfriend is in his truck, trying to figure which way he should go to stop her and he sees her turn the other way followed by the SUV. He speeds out and tails the SUV which then pulls up next to her car, on the wrong side of the road, to force her off the road, the gun is again pointed at her. Then, all of a sudden red and blue lights flash. The car and truck pull over and the SUV takes off. When the officer walks up to her window the girl hands him her phone and said "They shot out my window and tried to run me off the road. This is their liscence number." With out knowing what happened, the cop radios in to have a couple officers track down the SUV. Then he turns to her to get the whole story.
~wake up~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

From potions to Wolves

I'm running through this building. It's a school, but all indoors. I was in the wrong class so I left. I know this building like the back of my hand, it's as if I'd been here before even though this was my first day attending. I glide down these stairs, my feet don't touch the ground. It's as if I'm sledding down on my belly, only my belly is a few feet from the ground. What class is down the stairs? It is Potions class. I am in the background now, watching this little girl who is lost. We are now right outside the basement class in a small courtyard. The girl sees a tall pipe with a triangular cap on it. She climbs up and in, hiding because the teacher heard something and was coming out to investigate. I whisper, "don't do it. That's not a good idea." But it is to late, there is not bottom to the hole and she falls down. she lands with a thud back inside, in a pot filled with soot.

Snape comes out and sees me. I distract him, talking and he doesn't notice the little girl still in the pot. We are walking and these wolves come up to me. One leaps up, with it's paws on my shoulders, trying to knock me down, so that he can eat me or maybe for the pack to eat me. I stand my ground under his massive weight. He drops to the ground, but tries a couple more times. One of the times I grasp his paws and bite his neck. Then I nip his ear and he drops to the ground.

Perrin (from Wheel of Time series) comes up. His eyes are golden and he walks in a half crouch, looking at me with hungry eyes. He turns to his wolves, as if they are mentally talking. Then he looks at me with different eyes.

I'm walking down a path with trees on either side and the wolves walk with me, only they are hidden through the trees. All except for the pack leader, the wolf who tried to knock me down. He walks beside me. ~wake up~

[Perrin is a human who embodies the attributes of the wolves. In the series he becomes a pack leader of a pack of wolves. He is able to communicate with them and is a strong fighter.]