Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cursed and Running for my Life

I am in this car with a friend. He is buying a new car but it is cursed. I am sitting in the passenger seat when I see a tiny spider. I back up and cry out to him "there's a spider" Then another one appears and another. Then a whole mass of little spiders crawls out of the inside handle of the door. I am trapped. I open the door and leap out. Then I pull off my shirt and pants while standing on the sidewalk. I shake them a bunch of times to knock off all of the spiders. I shake myself and my hair. The spiders are off of me but about 8 or 10 spiders cling to my clothes. I run in the house and grab my can of spider killer. I spray them, but they still do not leave my clothing. They are after me and I don't know why, [I think it was a curse that was ment for someone else and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.]

~dream skip~ I am a prisoner with this woman and this man. We are trying to escape and this fat lady is trying to stop us. [She had a name in the dream but I can't remember) We run and climb and end up at the top of this area. Very far down is the ocean. It seems to be about 4 stories down. The woman is afraid. I hop over the rail and dive. There is a small wall holing in some of the water near the ship area and I have to dive past that. I am a few feet from the wall on the ocean side. As soon as I slip into the water I turn myself around and start kicking my legs and place my arms at my side thinking 'rocket ship. zoom back up like a rocket ship' My lungs were burning and I wanted to breath, even underwater I was about to take a breath when I burst above the surface. The woman and man come up next to me. We all made it. The fat lady cries out and leaps. "Oh ____" We start swimming. When she hits the water a tsumami of water washes over us and pushes us far to the other side of the docking bay. [I don't know what else to call it but a docking bay. It was a large, dome like room with lots of different little boats and one bigger boat, like a battleship or something. But there were no piers to dock on. It was all deep water with the docking areas surrounded by walls on all sides but one where the ships could enter and ancher.] Past small boats and around walls. We swim and climb over a small wall on the other side and run and then jump into the water and swim again. There is a large open area where the ocean water comes in [It looks like the open bay from starwars on planet Hoth] We swim to that when we come up to a small, kyack type boat that has a sail. We climb in and I offer to pay the person who owns the boat when I recognize his face. He smiles and turns the boat, he's going to help us. We get out to sea.

I am in an appartment room with Sabyr and a few others. We are hanging out. [Sabyr is back from Utah or visiting from Utah, I couldn't quite tell.] He had gained a lot of weight and looked almost like Bert.] We are lounging on couches, talking when Sabyr changes clothes right in front of us, I partly look away to give him privacy. We are still chatting and all of a sudden I start singing the "Little Einstines" song. My dad is there singing too. As he sings I turn my head and we are in my house. I sit on the couch. Mom and Dad are in easy chairs and we fall asleep with the TV on. We have a couple of maids cleaning the house, a man and a woman. They turn off the TV before leaving. When mom wakes up she gets super upset about the maid turning off the TV that she is talking about firing them. They leave and I am alone in the living room. I hear breathing. I look on the couch but no one is there. I kneel down at one side of the couch and the sound is closer. I follow the cushins to the other side listening. Then there is a small bundle under a sheet in the far corner. That wasn't there before. I debate whether I should move the sheet, I am hoping it is Joshua, but he's not that small. ~wake up~

[Wow I havn't dreamed about that person in a long time. And especially not just having a casual conversation with others around almost like old times. I have no idea where the spider curse came from but I do know there was more to the dream.

When I recorded it I was still half asleep and all I wrote was "Attacked by Spider" and it was in bairly legable writting, it took me a long time to decipher the words. Usually I write more down but the only other thing I wrote down was "escape fat lady"

The escaping part was much like the old dreams I used to have when I was a teenager and younger.

I would have liked to remember more about the spider thing because there was something about the curse, and a way to fight the curse. It would have added to a great story.]

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