Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deception, Destruction and babies

There are 3 pretty girls who worry about their looks and have attitudes such as the popular girls in high school would. They work at some kind of job where they are on TV behind a desk live either every day or on a very regular basis. Last minute they call in this other girl, that also works the same job. She is told to come in immediately or lose her job. She comes in with sunscreen [That's what it was called in the dream but it could have been any type of white cream] all over her face. She is working hard to rub it in but the girls are telling her to get up their now. She doesn't know what to do. These girls knew she would be humiliated and that was why they called her in, to ruin her career, but they have seniority. I toss her a towel where she can quickly wipe off the cream. I get evil glares...

~dream skip~ This powerful guy of darkness is some type of freelance worker or vigilante who has to take out certain people. He is like a "Death" type of character only not "Death". He has a radar with glowing dots on it for the people he is supposed to kill. Only something strange is happening and the radar system has too many dots, so he follows one. He walks in this room and sees to attacking the other. He has to choose and assumes the attacker is the one. So he sends out a fireball and incinerated the man who burns. I see as his head becomes a skull. It was the wrong guy. The guy curses under his breath and goes out again to find the person he is supposed to take out. He ends up killing 2 others that were not on his list to go. They were quick but horrible deaths. I come up and talk to him. I start asking him questions that he thinks about...his thoughts are connected to the radar...and some of the dots disappear. I keep asking questions until only one dot is on the screen.

I am with Lila in this mansion type house. We are in a large room conversing. She asks me something and I say that I had finally seen "Wicked". She then mentions that she has the sequel on DVD if I wanted to watch it. She said that "Son of a Witch" the sequel book was not worth the time. She then leaves explicit instructions that if I wanted to watch it that I had to go straight upstairs, not look around or get curious, otherwise she would not let me see the movie. I go upstairs, out of the corner of my eye I see her sisters and other people in this room, with the door open.

~dream skip~ I hear about a baby car, like for a train or something like that. I ask if each parent is responsible for their own child and was told that all the parents would help with all of the children. There were about 30 parents.

I am married [don't know who I am married too or if I'm sepparated and runing as a single mom or what. I never see the husband in the dream.] and it seems like every time I turn around I have another kid. I end up with 3 boys in a relatively short time and come to find out that my sister is having a boy as well which would give her two boys. I comment that I doubt any of us will have any girls, it doesn't seem to be in our genes or whatever.

I stay the night at ____'s house. It is a medium sized room moderately decarated but kept nice. [I would know the room if I saw it again] We are just laying on the bed, I am on my back. we are either watching a movie, starring at the ceiling or sleeping. Nothing happens, we stay on our separate sides of the bed. Then after what ever long period of time ____ rolls over me [like Rick did with Lila], staring in my eyes for a sec on top of me before ending up on the other side of the bed. As he finished rolling over I wrap my arms around him and rest my leg on his. He looks at me and matter of fact asks "Can I ask you a gray question." I nod. "How far are you willing to go." I state, also matter of factly, "That is a good question" Thoughts run through my head about if anything goes sour if it would ruin other friendships and prevent me from hanging out in certain groups, about no intercourse before marriage, if I'm ready to go that far and babies, since earlier in the dream I seem to be very fertile. I open my mouth to answer...

~wake up~

[I can not use the name of one of the characters here because people who know me will know who I am talking about and I can't give away my fake name for the sake of the privacy I have kept up with on this blog. It's too bad I woke up just as my subconscious was coming up with the answer. The Lord tells me things in my dreams sometimes but He doesn't give away what I should or should not do or what I might make the choice of doing. He allows me to come up with my own choice, even if He already knows what I will do. It used to get very frustrating when I lived my life wanting to please everyone, except myself, and wanting to follow everything exactly with out knowing what I wanted to do or what decisions I wanted to make. I believe it is part of being Bi-Polar because now that I'm on the med's I am looking at life in a different way and trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want my life to go. It's complicated but I feel more freedom and happiness than I have ever felt in my entire life.]

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