Friday, July 17, 2009

McDonald's, torture and the meaning

I just came from McDonald's drive through, only I don't have a car and after I made my order I realized this. I took off because I knew they didn't serve people outside of cars at the drive-thru. As I left through the bushes there was a gang of guys that were picking up their orders from the window, they weren't in a car...

~dream skip~ I want to go back to McDonald's, I need a McChicken sandwich or my head will burst. I am in this mall type place and the McDonald's is on the top floor. I go up some stairs. Then I am too high, then I am too low, I'm running around seeing stores on either side but never at the McDonald's. Then I see it in front of me...

~dream skip~ I am on a large flat roof, or out in the middle of nowhere on flat land. The wind is blowing like crazy and there is this rope that falls, hanging in front of me. I look up and there is this large dirigible in the air. I feel a sense of dread.

~dream skip~ This girl is tied, chained and unclothed. She is to be tortured mercilessly and parts of her skin are to be cut out. She no longer has any tears left to cry and awaits the new pain and terror, it will never end. I see her and then I realize that she is me. ~wake up~

[scattered, random and almost forgotten. I wasn't even going to post this one but then remembered that as far as I know, nobody follows this blog, it's too random and out there and nonsensical. Which works for me because this is the real me that hides behind the mask of reality. It's important to fit in, otherwise the world will destroy you and you will be left alone. I know that feeling, I have been destroyed and I have been alone. It is better to be alone and fake it, to suffer the inner tortures of the mind and be considered crazy than to be alone completely. These are thoughts that went through my head after I woke up. I wonder if it's in connection to the end of the dream with the girl being resigned to her tortuous fate. Death would have been a blessing and a relief, but death isn't that kind.]

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