Monday, July 20, 2009

Run Counter Clockwise

A large group of people are trying to get away from this dragon. We are in a huge building that has a hall that travels all the way around the building. somehow I know that the dragon is traveling counter clockwise. I warn the people and shout, getting them to move in the same direction so that they would avoid the dragon. They listen though grudgingly. It is a hard task to save people when they don't understand. A small group goes clockwise instead and I chase them down, worried. I see the dragon in a room off the hall but it is sleeping. I sneak the people past but not myself before the dragon awakes.

The dragon is immense. She/he is blood red but with a ruby type sheen on the scales. There are parts where sparkling gold type color is outlining some of the scales. A beautiful and frightening sight. I run to tell everyone but they are all sleeping on the floor, in rooms and in the hall. No one wakes up, they are all sluggish and half asleep and half awake. It is as if they were drugged or under a spell.

I turn back and I see this lady who is the dragons friend. The lady doesn't like me. The dragon can change shapes. A small bird, I am amazed. Then something else. Then a rhino that I am on the back, trying to escape from someone or something and the dragon is helping me. I feel the dragon in my mind telling me to meld with him. I lean down and my body begins to melt into the rhino's so that only half of me is showing. We are small enough to get through this doorway, just barely. Someone is mad and want's me dead, I can feel them right behind us...~wake up~

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