Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Toot

I remember sitting in a movie theater that parts were 3D without the need for glasses. There were dolphins swimming and then they would swim right up to us. It was amazing.

[Dream skip] I'm a boat, little tug boat [like in the cartoon] and one of the big boats/ ships is in trouble in the middle of the ocean. I am sent out for some reason, even though the others are laughing. On my way, a storm hits and I end up in a different dimension. I am with my family in a living room type setting and they are talking to me and acting like everything is normal. I point a gun at them because I don't trust them, they are not my REAL family. They all turn into ipods and the big ipod which is dad, moves in front of one of the smaller ipods. I really don't know what to do with this, so I start composing a song....~wake up~

[It was a really beautiful song but when I woke up it left my mind. Instead the song "I saw the light" began playing in my head]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing Spider and Mouse

So I was outside with William. we were hangin out and it was a beautiful day. There was grass, a meadow and william was sitting on a little hill.

(Dream Skips) I am trapped in this library, sometimes I'm a mouse and sometimes I am myself. I am looking for something but I don't know what I am looking for. There is this guy that is trying to stop me and kill me. Sometimes he is a spider and sometimes he is human. I have a way of escape and can get out when I think I should but I need to find what I am looking for. I think other lives are at stake. How can I save myself when others will die. I couldn't find it and the spider was right on my tail. I skipped through some books and jumped to another shelf behind them. I scampered and made it out the door and I was sitting in my car. I would need to go back in there, somehow. Then the guy is right behind me in the car....~wake up~

(too bad I lost most of this dream when my phone when off. It was a good one too, so was the top one I think there were some good action scenes and all but I can't remember. Thats what I get for wanting action, I get it but I forget it haha.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why all about kissing?

(The early parts of the dream are gone until this part....)

I am in a car or truck. It keeps changing, one minute it's the Ford that I drive, another it's a regular car and another it's a pickup type truck. Marco is driving and I'm driving as the car changes then it skips slightly and we are sitting in the front seats. Marco is sitting in the driver seat and I am in the passenger seat. We sit in awkward silence then he is looking at me, almost as if he had asked me to kiss him but I don't remember hearing any words. I say, "I can't. I don't know how." He says it's simple and tells me to lean forward. I figure that he will not want to see me again, I'm obviouly not good etc...then he leans in and it is a small peck on the lips. I look out the back window of the truck and Joleen is standing there with a smile, Maya is still getting out of the car they arrived in and didn't see anything. I am embarassed and get out of the truck......then the scene rewinds and when I am embarassed and about to get out he puts his hand on the back of my head and really kisses me......then the scene rewinds and as I start to listen to lean in for the peck of a kiss, I notice that Joleen and Maya have arrived, we were all planning on going out somewhere together. I pull back and say, "They'll see us" and he looks at me with a "so what" type attitude...

Then the dream skips with something to do with a snake...and then i'm in some kind of store and there is this other guy....stuff happens and for some reason he kisses me as well...

Oh also marco took me to the mall and we were hangin out and walking. Also we were engaged. (not my first engaged dream. I once had a dream where three guys asked me to marry them at the exact same time. One person in person, one by text, and one by email. I ended up driving two of them to see the third and make my decision after spending time sad I would be like that) So I say I want to go to hot topic, we go and I laugh to myself and tell him I want to show hime something. He comes over and I show this goth type dress with an intricate bodice that has cool clasps. "I was thinking of wearing this for the honeymoon. He looks at me with this dumbfounded expression and almost sad, I start laughing, "just kidding." He glares at me you've been....(inside joke)~Wake up~

(weird, it would make more sense if I remembered the second part more but I didn't get online right after waking up so the facts are kind of fuzzy. Though it's no loss that much of this dream is lost since it seems to be all about mushy kissing....maybe tomorrow I'll have an action packed real awesome dream. Well a girl can dream, can't she? haha)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Murdurer, Prisoner and Winnie the Pooh

(Most everything is foggy so I might have to fill in a few blanks so that it at least flows a little bit)

I am younger and brother to this boy, we are around the age of 9 or 10 and he is either my twin or only a year older. At one point I am in a hospital bed. Then we are in my bedroom talking about something. He smiles evily and I pull out a knife and stab him, he is laughing as if he thought he was immortal. Then as he is dying he grabs the knife that is stuck in his chest and pulls it out. I back up, frightened. Then he stabs himself and falls to the ground. My father (the one from the dream not my real father) comes in and is sad. I go to my room shaking.

(then lots of other things unrelated happen in the dream and I have many different dreams until it skips to this one)

I am at a bowling ally although I am with a group that is not bowling, I have no idea what we are doing. Then someone spots a large ring on the bowling track. No one wants to get in trouble by going to get it. I say that I will and take off my shoes to protect the finish. Then as I get ready to go one of the workers yells out and pushes the ring to us. It is not a ring for a finger, it is too big for that, it is more of a braselet, a round silver braselet. As I hold it, it changes. Then I am dressed in an oriental outfit and the bracelet is put on me. At first it keeps getting lost in the arms of the clothes and moving around and all but I realize I didn't clasp it correctly. I tighten the bracelt and clasp it. It has an ornate and beautiful pattern. The part that goes on the underside of the wrist is almost eye like in shape, a smashed oval. The two sides are ornated in thin gold swirls that cover each half until you get close to the center. There is a bright red stone, perfect circle. Around the circular stone is a different pattern. The entire oval is cut in half, right down the center of the jewel, which is held together by a small gold clasp. Above and below the jewel are larger ornamented clasps. Around the clasps and the jewel is a half circle type of pattern. This entire piece has a black strip of velcro to strap it to the back of the wrist. (looking back it seems like a beautiful type of item for restraining, like handcuffs, ball and chain or such.)

This is what the silver braslet became when I was putting it on. I am all dressed up in flowing silk. I also have this lovely head piece (almost like the one from the girl in neverending story but more ornate like the bracelet.) Then I am put up to this restraining thing. My back is pressed against a flat metal piece and this other piece the length of my torso is pressed together, like I am in a clamp. Then they twist this thing that clamps it one notch at a time. I am to tell them when it is tight enough. They assume it is and stop clamping but I feel it should be clamped one more. There is a guy dangling from a chain from the ceiling. I know that somehow me and the machine are connected to him. (by the way we are still in the bowling ally but we are the only one's there so it must be after closing time.)

(Dream skips forward) I am a little girl and bored and my mother in the dream, is trying to teach me how to dream and entertain myself. I look outside all sad and she says, "Oh look, theres a door out there in the trees, I wonder where that leads to." I scowl, "I don't see anything." She smiles, "thats because you're not looking hard enough. Once you find the door and enter in you will have to concentrate on what you want real hard and then you will see it." Then she leaves. I'm no longer the girl but I am watching her. She scowles into the trees and then sees two that are leaning on eachother almost like an archway or entryway.

She walks out there and sees the faint hint of a doorknob, that wasn't there a minute ago. She reaches out and opens the door. It is the same on the other side. Then she imagines grass. A faint hint of grass appears at her feet. So she goes from section to section almost in a circle/square formation imagining grass. First it is only a bit here and there but soon she has spongy grass in a nice section of the forest. Then it shows her carrying a doll and adventuring with winnie the pooh, they are in the tops of the trees of a massive forest and she has her doll in tow. She jumps from a tree branch to another and almost loses grip on her doll. "Whew almost lost her that time." she says and then tight ropes across.

Then I see reality and she is only half a foot off the ground, not 20 or 30 feet, but that is not what she sees. Then she has a baby brother and she is teaching him. ~wake up~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Racing in the Iditerod

The time for the iditerod is coming up. A whole slew of people are prepared to race. Will, this young boy (from the movie Iron Will) has always wanted to race, he loves his dogs and loves the competition. When his father dies, the only way to save their land and keep from having to slave the rest of his life to keep their house, would be to win the money from the race.

The dream skips forward. Will is standing there (I am Him in the dream) and this pretty girl that had put him down is standing there. She smiles at me and is all forward but I look at her and say, "Your not worth my time." It sounds harsh but I was going to say, "I would but there are some imperfections that I just can't ignore," and point to my nose. That would have been what she had said to me before I won the race thrown back in her face. I just couldn't though, it was too harsh. Then the black girl, who was her "best friend" and always up for making fun of and hurting people's feelings. She is sitting next to my girlfriend. Apperantly she had changed and helped support my girlfriend while she was worried about me out in the race. Then I kiss my girl and we are happy that we will keep the house.

Skip forward, I have lots of land, an orcherd, and crops and people to manage it all for me. A very happy and comfortable life. (I don't know how that happened in Alaska, I doubt you can grow fruit trees there, but in the dream I guess you can.) Then I hear the comentary "Will was the youngest person to ever race and win the tretcherous iditerod. Because of that everyone is hunting, hunting for good Will. Good Will Hunting." Now it's another young man who is racing and fighting to win. There are these other guys that are out to get him. Never again will a young pup pass them up. They pass this chasm with a huge tree about a hundred feet away, it's hallowed out and it lookes like someone may live there. They toss out a rope and shimmy over to the other side. There are all kinds of supplies, which they steal and then destroy much of the handmade furniture. Then they see these portrates of themselves on the wall and above the pictures is a phrase. "Good Will Hunting."

(This place is the home of a crazy old man. I never see him in the dream but somehow I just know. He was there when Will won the Iditerod and he's here watching as a young girl pretending to be a boy, races. They are compairing her to Will.) As they are busy with this tree house, I pass by them. I will make it to the first checkpoint, but that doesn't matter. It's the last part of the race that counts. You have to make it to every checkpoint and then in the end is the real racing part of the race.

Then it's someone else racing and I am older. I finally decide to go to alaska and be there for the Iditerod. I research and will be there when it starts to see them all off and then be waiting at the end, unless I can be allowed to go to each checkpoint, but I doubt they let you do that...~wake up~

(So this was interesting, the title of two different movies but the same story from Iron Will and then changed up a strange, I haven't seen either movie for a long time.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Own Agent

So I'm a secret agent of some kind but almost like I work for myself. I only have some skills, my major skill is in not getting suspected or caught. I have been caught a couple times and each time found a way to escape. I am trying to keep certain people alive. Also I keep seeing my brother and his girlfriend, kissy face, through the window of different shops and a fitness center. Sometimes I wonder if he's a bad agent following me, if I'm following him or if it's just a coincidence. There is this major project going down and nobody knows about it. I keep stumbling on clues that let me know something is going on. I guess I'm not really an agent, just a person in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time. I take it on myself to try to find the answers.

I see a dead man on the floor, I'm with tina. We kneel down and clean off his face with a wipe, not touching anything, fingerprints could get us in a heap of trouble, especially me, mine are on record. Then we are in this shop and we get caught by the good agents. They are questioning us and asking us to prove our identities. Tina pulls out her wallet and it is not her wallet. I look at it, it is from the dead guy. Flashback: while sad, praying and cleaning off his face he replaces our wallets secretly or at least Tina's. (I dont' know if I have a wallet in this because I don't even try to pull it out. They say they are going to restrain us and I tell them that I bet I could get out in 30 sec but everyone would have to be out of the room. They laughed and said ok.

They didn't want to use handcuffs, my wrists are too small and that might be what I hope for them to do. That is true becasue I figured it might hurt but I could fold my hand and get it out. They use plastic ties instead and put me and tina back to back, sitting on the floor. We are tied separate and then together. They laugh "now get out of that! We'll even give you a full minute." They laugh again. We are also blindfolded. I pretend to struggle, and also see if I can get out of the ties, which of course, I can't. I listen to them leave while acting like I think they are already gone. When the last one has left I reach with my index finger to the top of my pants. Even though they frisked us, I snuck a knife by them. It is attached to the top hem of my pants on the side close to my skin. It is a special knife and slightly bendy so that it isn't just a bold hard rectangle that can easily be noticed. I pull the knife out and cut the plastic on my right wrist. Then I turn around carefully and undo the ties by hand. As tina stands up and reaches for her blindfold I hide the knife in the chandaler.

The agents all come back in to find Tina and I standing there with the plastic on the floor. I had hidden the plastic pieces I had cut. I had also retied the plastics so that it would look like we had just slipped out. "You used a knife" one accused and I told him to find the knife of course no one could.

(Dream skips forward) Nathan Wrasse and I are at a restaurant. We pick a nice two person table. There are two other people having lunch pretty close to where we were sitting. Then the two person table turned into a six person table and I told Nathan we should find another table. When we get up all the tables are dirty, we find one in the back but when we sit down, it is dirty too. The cook and busboy and another gentlemen come to clean the table for us. One of them uses his fencing sword as if he was cleaning up grease but secretly is threatening me.

(Dream skips forward) I am in this house where bad agents are....i have been here before much earlier in the dream and bairly escaped from these same agents. Either I have forgotten or what I am looking for is worth the risk. Either way, the bad agents are hidden well and they come after me. One is a super buff guy who grabs me and I flip him to the ground. The girl is slender but a master of martial arts. They end up cornering me and I am their prisoner in this huge house. I dont' even try to escape. I decide to bide my time and see what happens, plus I am still here for a reason. (my guess is something happened to tina and I have to figure it out.)

In this house I sit good and don't cause problems but I talk with the lady and they guy. Someone looking in would think we were just hanging out. Except for the constant threats from the girl. She knew I could escape, I had done it before (I think I've done it a couple times but I can't remember that far back in my dream) Then this person is driving in the parking lot, I know this person (I can't remember who it was now but in the dream I knew) The girl and guy are going to kill the person. I will have none of it, somehow I knock the girl out and then lure the guy to the edge of the stairs and flip him over.

Then I see the chance for escape, though I do need to get back in that house. I slip over one fence and then over the partition into the next yard over. I silently slip into the doghouse that is right by the fence. As luck would have it, the pitt Bull didn't hear me. The guy and girl slip over the first fence I did and then split up to see which yard I may have landed in. The guy comes over to the yard i'm in but the dog hears him and takes off barking. The guy runs and I slip back over the fence that will take me back to the house. I don't know how much time I have but I need to use it wisely before the two come back. ~wake up~

(The only thing I wish I could remember is the conversation between me and the girl and the guy in the last segment of my dream. It was a good one and explained a lot of what was going on in the dream.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rpg in my sleep?

So first I'm me and it's real time. I'm in this huge area like a convention main hall or something like that. There are some tables up and a number of people. I am going around looking for clues and asking people things. I have to figure out where I am supposed to go. Finally someone mentions this one door that I should go through but that I would never be allowed in the underground market center (it is a place for another race that live in the walls and caves and ground.) The old entrance was destroyed and they told me where that was, just to confuse me. Then I do what I am supposed to and come back. I turn into a cartoon character, like in old school RPG's and I walk to the edge of this cliff. There is a lighted square so of course I go there and click on it. My character gets dizzy and starts walking all weird and then pauses halfway through this line of lighted squares that goes across and then leads up to the cliff. I go and click again and my character (which is still me) gets all dizzy again and then gets to the edge of the cliff and falls off. The words' "You died" come on a black screen. Then I am back to the convention area. This time I buy sunglasses so that I can do that part again with out dying. But then I notice in this open cabinet a small door in the back corner, behind suitcases and such, that was not closed all the way. That must be the hidden market center......~wake up~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

When Harpy's Attack

(I can't remember most of my dream.)

This guy and a few friends and I are dressed all raggy and looking for a place to sleep. We get to this hotel type place and they give us a room for cheap but it is at the very top floor of the elevator. We take the elevator up and when we get there, it's the roof. There are a bunch of ronchy, crude and strange people. It was a very worldy and not good environment to be in. Not to mention the fact that it was huge with it's own pool and people all over the place. Where would we sleep? Then I notice a mountain to our right and there were these bird like creatures that screamed horribly and loudly. I covered my ears but the people on the roof continued doing what they were doing, although a few cowered in fear. Then the bird creatures spread their wings and two of them flew over. I could then see the bodies, they were harpies, although one was male and the other female, they were still horrible, dirty and bloodthirsty bird/human creatures.

The male made a be-line for me and dove down. I tried to fight him and tripped. I was on the ground with one hand behind me to hold me up and the other over my face (very dramatic movie moment) The guy that was with me somehow got a hatchet or a small ax and leapt in front of me, slashing in the air at the attacking creature, slicing the wing at the base closest to the neck. The male harpy tried to fly off but ended up tumbling and falling in a heap on the roof. The roof was now completely empty but for us two (I don't know where the people went, I guess they're hiding.) I turn to face the grounded Harpy and the guy holds up his weapon to take on the female that was diving down to attack...~then I woke up~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart....

( least that title would have been correct if I had gotten up last night to type this rather than stay in bed and make it go away.)

So there is this frightening thing going on with this group of people. They are in the basement of this house, (I do know these people from the dream but not in real life.) There is a mark of death upon each one, not a visible mark but it is there just the same. I feel like something is very wrong to I go to the building where they are. I can not find anyone. I search and call out. Scary things are happening around me but I am so worried about them that I don't even notice: the blood driping on the wall, the mirror with a different reflection than my own of some shadowed creature with features you can bairly make out, the flickering light, the creepy footsteps that are not my own but behind me and the breathing that comes and goes from different locations. I am passing through this beautiful house with an ornate stair case, lovely pictures and fine carpet, but I don't see any of this either, the lighting is pretty dim.

Then I hear something and head into this room, there is a trap door open in the floor. I peak down and see one of my friends. She tells me to leave this place or I will be marked for death. "I'm not leaving with out you." I cry out, then there is a screem from one of my other friends. I jump down through the trap door and head out with the others. The blond girl, another one of my friends, is covered in streaks of blood. Tears are flowing down her face, I run to her but then she vanishes through the wall as if something grabbed her. My friend that had told me to leave was crying and huddled on the floor. I look around and there are two guys and two more girls and now me. Out of this group there had been 5 others. I begin to realize the trouble I'm in.

Then a letter falls to the ground, I look at it, blood drips from the ceiling and makes the pattern of my face. "You can't escape it now. You have been marked. We will all die." I turn to my friend and shake my head. "we can make it, we can." She smiles as if I am being foolish and she is probably right. The words just came out automatically to comfort but not to be the truth.

(Then a bunch of stuff happens that I don't remember...)

My friend and I are together, I don't know if anyone else is still alive. I believe we got separated. I figure if we stay together we will be safer, but then blood starts dripping from her face, she starts to scream but I make her look into my face. "I am not leaving you, don't let it get to you. Stay here we will be safe, somehow. Her eyes glass over in shock and terror but she no longer tried to scream. The creature is coming, the letter that had fallen to the ground appears again, I pick it up. There is a picture of an armodillo man, only it's just the profile and looks really cool. (I don't remember what it says but somehow we make it out alive.)

Then I see this cute guy (again not anyone I know in real life) and he is moving to utah so I move to utah for the possibility, though there probably isn't any since he doesn't even know me all that well. Him and someone else are putting up a structure and I am able to help out and then I decide I want to go iceskating. So I head to this pond and while out there the guy comes with one of his guy friends. I just skate around and try to not give them any attention. If the cute guy likes me he will have to show it, even though I am attracted to him I am not going to be stupid again. Him and his friend keep whispering, because it's a dream I hear what they are saying but my dream self has no clue.

Guy's Friend: "Wow that girl is hot. I wish she would come over here, isn't she your friend?"
Guy: "Kinda. We've hung out a few times and she is beautiful.
Guy's Friend: "Why does she ignore us?"
Guy: "She's an interesting female. If you do something interesting she will notice otherwise she does her own thing and will look at you and smile but thats about it.

So the guys friend starts doing backflips, though hes never done them before and lands with his legs bent under him. I look over and laugh. He smiled (but then I dont' know what happens with that because the dream skips forward agian.)

I'm at this house and a spider is there. I'm scared and bat at the spider from distance to get it away from me and my stuff and then it ends up going in someone elses purse and I can't save myself at the pain of someone else but then this small orange cat comes out and attacks the purse. The large spider jumps and the cat and the spider are jumping around and the cat catches the spider batting at it. The spider climbs the wall and the cat knocks it down. Then I see an image of a chandalere in the window. It is exactly like the one from the house in the begining of the dream. the image cracks and then the chain breaks and it falls, then an image of a face shows in the window and fades away. I stand there, frozen.

Then the memories of that house, from what seems like so long ago, come rushing back. I walk, shaking to the window. There is nothing there, I look down, I am on the second story of the house and there is nothing on the ground. "Are you alright." Someone asks, but I don't hear them. Then I get an email, It says, "Finish that talk you are working on." I notice the picture of the armadillo man's profile and all of a sudden the letter I got came back to me. This is from the same someone, it is from God. I feel the lords love and protection. I decide to finish the talk and I know that if I follow, the Lord will help me make it out alive, no matter what happens.

~wake up~