Sunday, July 5, 2009

Break-ups are in the air

Everyone in the dream is in some kind of a stagnant relationship. One side or the other is preparing to break up.

Neal is moving and I promised to help him. On the day I go and get the U-Haul truck. I am running really late it's already 10:30am and I have to get to class. I decide I want to use clear plastic adhesive cut out in letters to spell Christmas. While doing this I have help from my bro (don't know which one). I call Neal and find out that he is not leaving, I ask...

~dream skip~ This guy wants to marry this girl, we all know her answer and are sad for him because he is going to propose in public.

This girl is pulled aside by an adult and talked to in private where she shares a secret...her "friends" eavesdrop and she comes out and sees them. She asks them not to tell anyone. Two agree and are good friends. The problem is this blond girl with braces who laughs and then goes out to tell everyone. Then I become the girl and my insides hurt and I curl up in a squatting position ready to cry...

~dream skip~ The one I love is not in love with me. I know this, but I don't want to leave. He is happy the way things are. I don't care that he doesn't love me or that we wont be together forever. Today is all that matters.

~wake up~

[Not much side comentary on this other than what the ____? So much skipping around and love drama. I knew I shouldn't have enjoyed watching those romantic comedies yesterday. This is what]

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