Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To kill a witch

I am zooming in on a game shop store. I see clothing as well as gaming stuff. I am looking for Matt but do not see him. I then zoom in on the back room, opening the door. It is a cluster of video arcades, roll playing figurines, games and end-tables. Then I am just a ghost figure observing as two people enter the room.

Little Goku (from Dragonball) is a prisoner so to speak. He walks in and stands near the entrance way. This man, about 6'4" is standing over him, towering. "You will have 30 seconds to survive. If you survive I will reward you with your life."

There is a small girl all in black floating in the upper left hand corner of this large back room. She has a webbed shawl covering her head and tying back her hair.

Goku takes one step near the end-table in the center of the room. A bar with a metal paddle on the end, shoots out nearly hitting him on the head. Goku backs up, nervous. He walks by the other side of the end-table and another metal arm shoots out, only this one has spikes on the end and all around. Goku bairly dodges that one. He then smiles and runs through the entire place, playing a couple of the arcades to get a feel for the place. All of this he does in 30 seconds, stoping just short of the end-table.

The man is surprised and pleased at the same time. Then it is no longer Goku that is standing there but it is me. I look up at the man and ask him, "What will I get if I kill the witch?"

The man looks at me and then looks at the witch floating in the corner. He then looks back at me with an evil look in his eyes. "you can have anything in the store that you can carry."

I fight the witch and defeat her. The witch had possessed the body of a beautiful maiden and the way that I killed the witch ended up freeing her from the spell. The man looks scared.

I see the lego castle and part of it is broken. I want to fix it but only end up making it worse.

I then run out into the store to find Matt. I shout out, "Matt, Matt, guess what! I defeated a witch and now get whatever I want...." I look around but Matt is nowhere to be seen. Then I see him and run up to him, "Matt!" He turns around and it's his friend Jim.

~Dream Skip~ I am living in Sacramento and receive a facebook message from Marco. He says, "I have the possibility of transfering out there. I can't believe you decided to live in Sacramento but I will come too. I want to spend more time with you, even if it's only for now.

~wake up~

[wow, living in sacramento. Isn't that more of a nighmare than a dream?]

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