Friday, April 10, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart....

( least that title would have been correct if I had gotten up last night to type this rather than stay in bed and make it go away.)

So there is this frightening thing going on with this group of people. They are in the basement of this house, (I do know these people from the dream but not in real life.) There is a mark of death upon each one, not a visible mark but it is there just the same. I feel like something is very wrong to I go to the building where they are. I can not find anyone. I search and call out. Scary things are happening around me but I am so worried about them that I don't even notice: the blood driping on the wall, the mirror with a different reflection than my own of some shadowed creature with features you can bairly make out, the flickering light, the creepy footsteps that are not my own but behind me and the breathing that comes and goes from different locations. I am passing through this beautiful house with an ornate stair case, lovely pictures and fine carpet, but I don't see any of this either, the lighting is pretty dim.

Then I hear something and head into this room, there is a trap door open in the floor. I peak down and see one of my friends. She tells me to leave this place or I will be marked for death. "I'm not leaving with out you." I cry out, then there is a screem from one of my other friends. I jump down through the trap door and head out with the others. The blond girl, another one of my friends, is covered in streaks of blood. Tears are flowing down her face, I run to her but then she vanishes through the wall as if something grabbed her. My friend that had told me to leave was crying and huddled on the floor. I look around and there are two guys and two more girls and now me. Out of this group there had been 5 others. I begin to realize the trouble I'm in.

Then a letter falls to the ground, I look at it, blood drips from the ceiling and makes the pattern of my face. "You can't escape it now. You have been marked. We will all die." I turn to my friend and shake my head. "we can make it, we can." She smiles as if I am being foolish and she is probably right. The words just came out automatically to comfort but not to be the truth.

(Then a bunch of stuff happens that I don't remember...)

My friend and I are together, I don't know if anyone else is still alive. I believe we got separated. I figure if we stay together we will be safer, but then blood starts dripping from her face, she starts to scream but I make her look into my face. "I am not leaving you, don't let it get to you. Stay here we will be safe, somehow. Her eyes glass over in shock and terror but she no longer tried to scream. The creature is coming, the letter that had fallen to the ground appears again, I pick it up. There is a picture of an armodillo man, only it's just the profile and looks really cool. (I don't remember what it says but somehow we make it out alive.)

Then I see this cute guy (again not anyone I know in real life) and he is moving to utah so I move to utah for the possibility, though there probably isn't any since he doesn't even know me all that well. Him and someone else are putting up a structure and I am able to help out and then I decide I want to go iceskating. So I head to this pond and while out there the guy comes with one of his guy friends. I just skate around and try to not give them any attention. If the cute guy likes me he will have to show it, even though I am attracted to him I am not going to be stupid again. Him and his friend keep whispering, because it's a dream I hear what they are saying but my dream self has no clue.

Guy's Friend: "Wow that girl is hot. I wish she would come over here, isn't she your friend?"
Guy: "Kinda. We've hung out a few times and she is beautiful.
Guy's Friend: "Why does she ignore us?"
Guy: "She's an interesting female. If you do something interesting she will notice otherwise she does her own thing and will look at you and smile but thats about it.

So the guys friend starts doing backflips, though hes never done them before and lands with his legs bent under him. I look over and laugh. He smiled (but then I dont' know what happens with that because the dream skips forward agian.)

I'm at this house and a spider is there. I'm scared and bat at the spider from distance to get it away from me and my stuff and then it ends up going in someone elses purse and I can't save myself at the pain of someone else but then this small orange cat comes out and attacks the purse. The large spider jumps and the cat and the spider are jumping around and the cat catches the spider batting at it. The spider climbs the wall and the cat knocks it down. Then I see an image of a chandalere in the window. It is exactly like the one from the house in the begining of the dream. the image cracks and then the chain breaks and it falls, then an image of a face shows in the window and fades away. I stand there, frozen.

Then the memories of that house, from what seems like so long ago, come rushing back. I walk, shaking to the window. There is nothing there, I look down, I am on the second story of the house and there is nothing on the ground. "Are you alright." Someone asks, but I don't hear them. Then I get an email, It says, "Finish that talk you are working on." I notice the picture of the armadillo man's profile and all of a sudden the letter I got came back to me. This is from the same someone, it is from God. I feel the lords love and protection. I decide to finish the talk and I know that if I follow, the Lord will help me make it out alive, no matter what happens.

~wake up~

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