Sunday, April 12, 2009

When Harpy's Attack

(I can't remember most of my dream.)

This guy and a few friends and I are dressed all raggy and looking for a place to sleep. We get to this hotel type place and they give us a room for cheap but it is at the very top floor of the elevator. We take the elevator up and when we get there, it's the roof. There are a bunch of ronchy, crude and strange people. It was a very worldy and not good environment to be in. Not to mention the fact that it was huge with it's own pool and people all over the place. Where would we sleep? Then I notice a mountain to our right and there were these bird like creatures that screamed horribly and loudly. I covered my ears but the people on the roof continued doing what they were doing, although a few cowered in fear. Then the bird creatures spread their wings and two of them flew over. I could then see the bodies, they were harpies, although one was male and the other female, they were still horrible, dirty and bloodthirsty bird/human creatures.

The male made a be-line for me and dove down. I tried to fight him and tripped. I was on the ground with one hand behind me to hold me up and the other over my face (very dramatic movie moment) The guy that was with me somehow got a hatchet or a small ax and leapt in front of me, slashing in the air at the attacking creature, slicing the wing at the base closest to the neck. The male harpy tried to fly off but ended up tumbling and falling in a heap on the roof. The roof was now completely empty but for us two (I don't know where the people went, I guess they're hiding.) I turn to face the grounded Harpy and the guy holds up his weapon to take on the female that was diving down to attack...~then I woke up~

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