Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why all about kissing?

(The early parts of the dream are gone until this part....)

I am in a car or truck. It keeps changing, one minute it's the Ford that I drive, another it's a regular car and another it's a pickup type truck. Marco is driving and I'm driving as the car changes then it skips slightly and we are sitting in the front seats. Marco is sitting in the driver seat and I am in the passenger seat. We sit in awkward silence then he is looking at me, almost as if he had asked me to kiss him but I don't remember hearing any words. I say, "I can't. I don't know how." He says it's simple and tells me to lean forward. I figure that he will not want to see me again, I'm obviouly not good etc...then he leans in and it is a small peck on the lips. I look out the back window of the truck and Joleen is standing there with a smile, Maya is still getting out of the car they arrived in and didn't see anything. I am embarassed and get out of the truck......then the scene rewinds and when I am embarassed and about to get out he puts his hand on the back of my head and really kisses me......then the scene rewinds and as I start to listen to lean in for the peck of a kiss, I notice that Joleen and Maya have arrived, we were all planning on going out somewhere together. I pull back and say, "They'll see us" and he looks at me with a "so what" type attitude...

Then the dream skips with something to do with a snake...and then i'm in some kind of store and there is this other guy....stuff happens and for some reason he kisses me as well...

Oh also marco took me to the mall and we were hangin out and walking. Also we were engaged. (not my first engaged dream. I once had a dream where three guys asked me to marry them at the exact same time. One person in person, one by text, and one by email. I ended up driving two of them to see the third and make my decision after spending time sad I would be like that) So I say I want to go to hot topic, we go and I laugh to myself and tell him I want to show hime something. He comes over and I show this goth type dress with an intricate bodice that has cool clasps. "I was thinking of wearing this for the honeymoon. He looks at me with this dumbfounded expression and almost sad, I start laughing, "just kidding." He glares at me you've been....(inside joke)~Wake up~

(weird, it would make more sense if I remembered the second part more but I didn't get online right after waking up so the facts are kind of fuzzy. Though it's no loss that much of this dream is lost since it seems to be all about mushy kissing....maybe tomorrow I'll have an action packed real awesome dream. Well a girl can dream, can't she? haha)

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