Thursday, April 16, 2009

Racing in the Iditerod

The time for the iditerod is coming up. A whole slew of people are prepared to race. Will, this young boy (from the movie Iron Will) has always wanted to race, he loves his dogs and loves the competition. When his father dies, the only way to save their land and keep from having to slave the rest of his life to keep their house, would be to win the money from the race.

The dream skips forward. Will is standing there (I am Him in the dream) and this pretty girl that had put him down is standing there. She smiles at me and is all forward but I look at her and say, "Your not worth my time." It sounds harsh but I was going to say, "I would but there are some imperfections that I just can't ignore," and point to my nose. That would have been what she had said to me before I won the race thrown back in her face. I just couldn't though, it was too harsh. Then the black girl, who was her "best friend" and always up for making fun of and hurting people's feelings. She is sitting next to my girlfriend. Apperantly she had changed and helped support my girlfriend while she was worried about me out in the race. Then I kiss my girl and we are happy that we will keep the house.

Skip forward, I have lots of land, an orcherd, and crops and people to manage it all for me. A very happy and comfortable life. (I don't know how that happened in Alaska, I doubt you can grow fruit trees there, but in the dream I guess you can.) Then I hear the comentary "Will was the youngest person to ever race and win the tretcherous iditerod. Because of that everyone is hunting, hunting for good Will. Good Will Hunting." Now it's another young man who is racing and fighting to win. There are these other guys that are out to get him. Never again will a young pup pass them up. They pass this chasm with a huge tree about a hundred feet away, it's hallowed out and it lookes like someone may live there. They toss out a rope and shimmy over to the other side. There are all kinds of supplies, which they steal and then destroy much of the handmade furniture. Then they see these portrates of themselves on the wall and above the pictures is a phrase. "Good Will Hunting."

(This place is the home of a crazy old man. I never see him in the dream but somehow I just know. He was there when Will won the Iditerod and he's here watching as a young girl pretending to be a boy, races. They are compairing her to Will.) As they are busy with this tree house, I pass by them. I will make it to the first checkpoint, but that doesn't matter. It's the last part of the race that counts. You have to make it to every checkpoint and then in the end is the real racing part of the race.

Then it's someone else racing and I am older. I finally decide to go to alaska and be there for the Iditerod. I research and will be there when it starts to see them all off and then be waiting at the end, unless I can be allowed to go to each checkpoint, but I doubt they let you do that...~wake up~

(So this was interesting, the title of two different movies but the same story from Iron Will and then changed up a strange, I haven't seen either movie for a long time.)

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