Monday, April 13, 2009

Rpg in my sleep?

So first I'm me and it's real time. I'm in this huge area like a convention main hall or something like that. There are some tables up and a number of people. I am going around looking for clues and asking people things. I have to figure out where I am supposed to go. Finally someone mentions this one door that I should go through but that I would never be allowed in the underground market center (it is a place for another race that live in the walls and caves and ground.) The old entrance was destroyed and they told me where that was, just to confuse me. Then I do what I am supposed to and come back. I turn into a cartoon character, like in old school RPG's and I walk to the edge of this cliff. There is a lighted square so of course I go there and click on it. My character gets dizzy and starts walking all weird and then pauses halfway through this line of lighted squares that goes across and then leads up to the cliff. I go and click again and my character (which is still me) gets all dizzy again and then gets to the edge of the cliff and falls off. The words' "You died" come on a black screen. Then I am back to the convention area. This time I buy sunglasses so that I can do that part again with out dying. But then I notice in this open cabinet a small door in the back corner, behind suitcases and such, that was not closed all the way. That must be the hidden market center......~wake up~

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