Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing Spider and Mouse

So I was outside with William. we were hangin out and it was a beautiful day. There was grass, a meadow and william was sitting on a little hill.

(Dream Skips) I am trapped in this library, sometimes I'm a mouse and sometimes I am myself. I am looking for something but I don't know what I am looking for. There is this guy that is trying to stop me and kill me. Sometimes he is a spider and sometimes he is human. I have a way of escape and can get out when I think I should but I need to find what I am looking for. I think other lives are at stake. How can I save myself when others will die. I couldn't find it and the spider was right on my tail. I skipped through some books and jumped to another shelf behind them. I scampered and made it out the door and I was sitting in my car. I would need to go back in there, somehow. Then the guy is right behind me in the car....~wake up~

(too bad I lost most of this dream when my phone when off. It was a good one too, so was the top one I think there were some good action scenes and all but I can't remember. Thats what I get for wanting action, I get it but I forget it haha.)

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