Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Own Agent

So I'm a secret agent of some kind but almost like I work for myself. I only have some skills, my major skill is in not getting suspected or caught. I have been caught a couple times and each time found a way to escape. I am trying to keep certain people alive. Also I keep seeing my brother and his girlfriend, kissy face, through the window of different shops and a fitness center. Sometimes I wonder if he's a bad agent following me, if I'm following him or if it's just a coincidence. There is this major project going down and nobody knows about it. I keep stumbling on clues that let me know something is going on. I guess I'm not really an agent, just a person in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time. I take it on myself to try to find the answers.

I see a dead man on the floor, I'm with tina. We kneel down and clean off his face with a wipe, not touching anything, fingerprints could get us in a heap of trouble, especially me, mine are on record. Then we are in this shop and we get caught by the good agents. They are questioning us and asking us to prove our identities. Tina pulls out her wallet and it is not her wallet. I look at it, it is from the dead guy. Flashback: while sad, praying and cleaning off his face he replaces our wallets secretly or at least Tina's. (I dont' know if I have a wallet in this because I don't even try to pull it out. They say they are going to restrain us and I tell them that I bet I could get out in 30 sec but everyone would have to be out of the room. They laughed and said ok.

They didn't want to use handcuffs, my wrists are too small and that might be what I hope for them to do. That is true becasue I figured it might hurt but I could fold my hand and get it out. They use plastic ties instead and put me and tina back to back, sitting on the floor. We are tied separate and then together. They laugh "now get out of that! We'll even give you a full minute." They laugh again. We are also blindfolded. I pretend to struggle, and also see if I can get out of the ties, which of course, I can't. I listen to them leave while acting like I think they are already gone. When the last one has left I reach with my index finger to the top of my pants. Even though they frisked us, I snuck a knife by them. It is attached to the top hem of my pants on the side close to my skin. It is a special knife and slightly bendy so that it isn't just a bold hard rectangle that can easily be noticed. I pull the knife out and cut the plastic on my right wrist. Then I turn around carefully and undo the ties by hand. As tina stands up and reaches for her blindfold I hide the knife in the chandaler.

The agents all come back in to find Tina and I standing there with the plastic on the floor. I had hidden the plastic pieces I had cut. I had also retied the plastics so that it would look like we had just slipped out. "You used a knife" one accused and I told him to find the knife of course no one could.

(Dream skips forward) Nathan Wrasse and I are at a restaurant. We pick a nice two person table. There are two other people having lunch pretty close to where we were sitting. Then the two person table turned into a six person table and I told Nathan we should find another table. When we get up all the tables are dirty, we find one in the back but when we sit down, it is dirty too. The cook and busboy and another gentlemen come to clean the table for us. One of them uses his fencing sword as if he was cleaning up grease but secretly is threatening me.

(Dream skips forward) I am in this house where bad agents are....i have been here before much earlier in the dream and bairly escaped from these same agents. Either I have forgotten or what I am looking for is worth the risk. Either way, the bad agents are hidden well and they come after me. One is a super buff guy who grabs me and I flip him to the ground. The girl is slender but a master of martial arts. They end up cornering me and I am their prisoner in this huge house. I dont' even try to escape. I decide to bide my time and see what happens, plus I am still here for a reason. (my guess is something happened to tina and I have to figure it out.)

In this house I sit good and don't cause problems but I talk with the lady and they guy. Someone looking in would think we were just hanging out. Except for the constant threats from the girl. She knew I could escape, I had done it before (I think I've done it a couple times but I can't remember that far back in my dream) Then this person is driving in the parking lot, I know this person (I can't remember who it was now but in the dream I knew) The girl and guy are going to kill the person. I will have none of it, somehow I knock the girl out and then lure the guy to the edge of the stairs and flip him over.

Then I see the chance for escape, though I do need to get back in that house. I slip over one fence and then over the partition into the next yard over. I silently slip into the doghouse that is right by the fence. As luck would have it, the pitt Bull didn't hear me. The guy and girl slip over the first fence I did and then split up to see which yard I may have landed in. The guy comes over to the yard i'm in but the dog hears him and takes off barking. The guy runs and I slip back over the fence that will take me back to the house. I don't know how much time I have but I need to use it wisely before the two come back. ~wake up~

(The only thing I wish I could remember is the conversation between me and the girl and the guy in the last segment of my dream. It was a good one and explained a lot of what was going on in the dream.)

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