Friday, April 17, 2009

Murdurer, Prisoner and Winnie the Pooh

(Most everything is foggy so I might have to fill in a few blanks so that it at least flows a little bit)

I am younger and brother to this boy, we are around the age of 9 or 10 and he is either my twin or only a year older. At one point I am in a hospital bed. Then we are in my bedroom talking about something. He smiles evily and I pull out a knife and stab him, he is laughing as if he thought he was immortal. Then as he is dying he grabs the knife that is stuck in his chest and pulls it out. I back up, frightened. Then he stabs himself and falls to the ground. My father (the one from the dream not my real father) comes in and is sad. I go to my room shaking.

(then lots of other things unrelated happen in the dream and I have many different dreams until it skips to this one)

I am at a bowling ally although I am with a group that is not bowling, I have no idea what we are doing. Then someone spots a large ring on the bowling track. No one wants to get in trouble by going to get it. I say that I will and take off my shoes to protect the finish. Then as I get ready to go one of the workers yells out and pushes the ring to us. It is not a ring for a finger, it is too big for that, it is more of a braselet, a round silver braselet. As I hold it, it changes. Then I am dressed in an oriental outfit and the bracelet is put on me. At first it keeps getting lost in the arms of the clothes and moving around and all but I realize I didn't clasp it correctly. I tighten the bracelt and clasp it. It has an ornate and beautiful pattern. The part that goes on the underside of the wrist is almost eye like in shape, a smashed oval. The two sides are ornated in thin gold swirls that cover each half until you get close to the center. There is a bright red stone, perfect circle. Around the circular stone is a different pattern. The entire oval is cut in half, right down the center of the jewel, which is held together by a small gold clasp. Above and below the jewel are larger ornamented clasps. Around the clasps and the jewel is a half circle type of pattern. This entire piece has a black strip of velcro to strap it to the back of the wrist. (looking back it seems like a beautiful type of item for restraining, like handcuffs, ball and chain or such.)

This is what the silver braslet became when I was putting it on. I am all dressed up in flowing silk. I also have this lovely head piece (almost like the one from the girl in neverending story but more ornate like the bracelet.) Then I am put up to this restraining thing. My back is pressed against a flat metal piece and this other piece the length of my torso is pressed together, like I am in a clamp. Then they twist this thing that clamps it one notch at a time. I am to tell them when it is tight enough. They assume it is and stop clamping but I feel it should be clamped one more. There is a guy dangling from a chain from the ceiling. I know that somehow me and the machine are connected to him. (by the way we are still in the bowling ally but we are the only one's there so it must be after closing time.)

(Dream skips forward) I am a little girl and bored and my mother in the dream, is trying to teach me how to dream and entertain myself. I look outside all sad and she says, "Oh look, theres a door out there in the trees, I wonder where that leads to." I scowl, "I don't see anything." She smiles, "thats because you're not looking hard enough. Once you find the door and enter in you will have to concentrate on what you want real hard and then you will see it." Then she leaves. I'm no longer the girl but I am watching her. She scowles into the trees and then sees two that are leaning on eachother almost like an archway or entryway.

She walks out there and sees the faint hint of a doorknob, that wasn't there a minute ago. She reaches out and opens the door. It is the same on the other side. Then she imagines grass. A faint hint of grass appears at her feet. So she goes from section to section almost in a circle/square formation imagining grass. First it is only a bit here and there but soon she has spongy grass in a nice section of the forest. Then it shows her carrying a doll and adventuring with winnie the pooh, they are in the tops of the trees of a massive forest and she has her doll in tow. She jumps from a tree branch to another and almost loses grip on her doll. "Whew almost lost her that time." she says and then tight ropes across.

Then I see reality and she is only half a foot off the ground, not 20 or 30 feet, but that is not what she sees. Then she has a baby brother and she is teaching him. ~wake up~

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