Tuesday, October 28, 2008

General Conference has just ended there is a place at the Temple where people wait in line with their Ipods to have Conference downloaded quickly and for free. I get in line and Matt is the one who sets up my ipod for me. In the same area is a new store, no seagull, this one has hair things and different styles of clothing etc...Nothing is overpriced, actually there doesn't seem to be a cash register. Society seems to be run on a different method, at least through the church.

Dream switches. This guy asks me out, I never get his name in the dream. So I say yes of course, I'll never turn down a first date. He is probably in his early to mid 40's. Part of his hair on the right side is white and the rest is salt and pepper. He is a strong, tall, big guy. It is more like a double date at his place for dinner. I come and Lila is there and her date hasn't arrived yet. My date asks Lila to go get some sodas from the other room. I see the look in his eyes and jump up to help Lila. Lila whispered to me, "He asked me to do it, what are you doing?" "I don't want to be alone with him." She laughs. Then we see brother Jenney. He is surprised to see us both, it looks like he was just dropping something off.

Then the dream switches and I'm with my parents. It is some kind of a futuristic setting but I'm still the same age I am now. We are waiting for a large circular type elevator that helps you travel all over the city it's in place of a subway and it uses the sky to travel. There are all kinds of structures and pipes and things in the sky to help this thing navigate. There are many elevators that run on different tracks and they have windows so you can look out at the scenery while traveling. We have been waiting a long time for our elevator and one finally stops that is going where we want to go but the voice says "One" The voice is how many people can get on from a given stop. I shout "I'll meet you there" to my parents and hop on the elevator. They are a little surprised but the door closes and I'm on my way. At that moment I realized I didn't know what my stop was or where to get off. Then as we are traveling I see the guy I had dated earlier in the dream, He is with a Japanese man and they are staring at the elevator, then they both turn into birds and fly to the stop before the elevator can reach it. He enters the elevator and I'm a little worried. There is something about him that creeps me out and it's not the fact that he can turn into a bird. I actually think that is a redeeming quality. It's the fact that he seems to be stalking me or just the way he looks at me. I tell him I saw the whole thing and he looks upset and angry but under control. "You saw that? You weren't supposed to see." I pull out my phone and tell him I have pictures but when I open the album the pictures I took were gone all I had were two pictures of him, but posed pictures and a picture of peter pan flying in from the audience in a play. I look at the pictures confused.

[Upon waking I realize that he had hidden his power from the human eye and no one would have been able to see his transformation even when looking right at him. That power is why the picture not only didn't take but changed into two pictures of him I hadn't taken. Of course I was not fooled, even in the dream and that is what made him angry.]

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  1. I love that Brother Jenny has a cameo in your dream. How funny!