Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How old is old?

There is an old man, he is over 100 years old. He and I spend time together. I still work at a temp agency but the jobs are getting hard to handle. I come into a job and my boss walks in and says that I am there to answer the phones. I am not allowed to transfer the call to anyone. He is the main boss and the second main boss is there and then me. Then a lady walks in and apperantly she is the second person there to answer phones. She is stuck up, pretty and doesn't really talk to me. There is food on my desk. Fresh bread, cheese and grapes. I eat some of the food and get chewed out because that food belongs to Carina. I have no idea who Carina is. Then I'm at this store and they are closing. I find some expired cerial and they give it to me. I spill the ceraial. Someone is waiting for me outside and I'm trying to hurry. They are getting very impatient. Then I'm outside by this car. The old black man is back, we are good friends. He tells me of his past and I see it in my dream as if it is really happening. He is running up to his car but his car has a large house antena on top of it and it gets hit by lightning. He bairly jumps out of the way to avoid the blast. Then he runs across these kids that he must protect. They are at the bus stop at the napa college and the seats lift up and all of a sudden the bus stop is surrounded by some kind of fence or gate. The entire bus stop begins sinking into the ground. As they sink down they pass a watch man in a cubby hole. The watch man shoots at them. Some how they accidentally found this underground conspiracy and the mans goal is to protect the kids and get them to safety. Some how he ends up with a gun and shoots back and when they reach the bottom he sends the bus stop back up to the top. Then the dream jumps and I'm standing outside with the man again. He tells me he is now 112. I smile a knowing smile. This little girl runs outside. Her family is mean to her and doesn't understand her. She loves to read and I help her to find books to read. She has powers and abilities to make things move with her mind. The old man asks me how old I am and I tell him 86. I look like I'm in my 30's or maybe 40's. He doensn't believe me and I tell him that it doesn't matter if he believes me or not. Then the old man dies and I cry at his grave. Adam, from Hero's, shows up and tells me that he could have saved this man for me. I had fallen in love with the old man but not in a romantic way, it was just the ways our minds melded together when we talked and spent time together. I tell Adam, "No. This man lived a full life. He loved. Had children. Saved other's children and even now helped me to find joy and beauty in life. He lived and now it is time to let him move on. Staying here would be a prison for him now. When my time comes I will be ready." Adam laughs, "Your time will never come." I stare at him in horror and shock. ~wake up from dream~

[Oh man, of course I wake up when it starts to get good.]

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  1. Another hero power? Besides driving, you can never die, like Claire (or Adam)? haha!