Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happily Ever After?

Sabyr asks me out on a date. We go out. Afterwords we are at my place - it seems to be an apartment. [Like those in the movies in the city, new york or sanfrancisco or wherever.] On the doorstep I look at him and he smiles, his long hair waving in the wind. "No matter what you think or what happens I still want to stay friends." I say. He looks confused, "what are you talking about?" I smile, "I'm cursed. After a first date the guy never really talks to me again and if we see each other it's awkward and I don't want that to happen." He looks slyly at me, "and how many guys have you dated?" I stare at the ground, not wanting to admit the awful truth, "3" He laughs, "Wow, those guys didn't know a good thing when they had the chance." I straighten up deffensively, "Thats not entirely true, I mess it up. It's me. I think I chase them away." "Then you just havn't met the right guy yet."

He pulls me into a tight hug, I stiften as usual but then look up at his face and melt. "See that wasn't so bad." I lean my head into him, muttering into his chest, "don't start this unless you can fall in love with me. I have always liked you, from the moment I met you. Your spirit. You didn't notice me, not at first but it was watching you that gave me strength. I admired when you answered questions in class and slowly I was able to do the same at times. At dances I felt like I existed. Even when we were apart I felt like I mattered."

"Theres something I need to tell you, a dark secret of my own. [insert dark secret of choice]"

"Of course." I laugh it off. He pushed me back, holding onto my shoulders to look at my face. I turn serious, "I've always known. Come on [Insert situation that relates to dark secret] I never tried because I knew I couldn't compete."

"But your different..." He replies and I wake up in midsentence.

[Gag me with a spoon, this is like a scene out of a romance movie or something. Everything is too emotional and too perfect. I don't know how I was able to stay asleep long enough for this to play out. Those mushy lines, it's like right out of a story. These things aren't said in real life, are they? If they are, good luck to the happy couple. I finally set up a blog and this is my first dream I have to post....don't worry they get stranger and not so normal or happily laid out. Although the dream did play out very nice and this scene would work in a story....]

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