Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tracting, new clothes and teaching.

I have an obligation to fulfill and I happen to see one of my old missionary companions. She says she’ll help me. So we go door to door. I have to complete the entire street, both sides. After a while she is gone and I have someone new, but I still have to finish the street. Then she changes out as well. In the end I’m all alone, but I finish the street. I meet some very interesting people. One has this huge mansion of a house and she invites me in…Then the dream switches and I’m parking my bike at the college since I had decided to ride my bike to class that day. I was running late for class so naturally I decide to stop by the store and pick up a whole bunch of clothes and bike stuff. I run to the restroom to try on the clothes. It is rush time and everyone wants to use the restroom but I’m locked in my stall and am not thinking about that. I keep trying on clothes when a boy and a girl, brother and sister, walk in on me, somehow they had gotten the door open. I get upset but decide to let them use the restroom. I walk out and when one is done she walks out and then the brother walks out. I go back in and try on more clothes. This old lady that was in the front of the line is chewing me out and saying that I should not be cutting in line, that she was next in line. I’m going over all of the bike stuff and deciding what I need and what I don’t. I have a shopping cart that I am organizing stuff in. Then I’m at class and the teacher doesn’t mind that I am late, she actually gives me a section of the class to teach….~wake up~

[Now that was beyond random and odd. Nothing more to say to that.]

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