Friday, October 24, 2008

Kohanas and Dave

There are these children at a daycare and they have this insane person watching them. He is super strong and doesn’t care about anybody except for his next victim. He doesn’t harm the children but scares them and keeps them in line. He goes through assistants on a regular basis. In the dream I am a guy and I’ve just finished school with my degree. I apply for jobs and get the assistant position. It pays $25/hr and I need the money. I get there and then the guy is no longer me, I am now on the outside watching the outcome. (Kohanas is the name of the man in charge and I’m going to call the guy who was me Dave.) Kohanas tries to put Dave in his place, Dave is just standing there. The kids are all in lines across the room with a pathway down the middle that Kohanas and Dave are standing in. No matter what Kohanas tries, nothing bothers Dave. “I’ll show you why they call me Freezer Burn Kohanas!” He shouts and charges at Dave, placing both strong hands on Dave’s shoulders, pressing his palms into his upper chest. Dave just stands there while Kohanas is using all of his strength. “Stop doing that!” Kohanas shouts. “Doing what?” Dave asks, baffled. Dave smiles and releases his stance and Kohanas is able to push him all the way to the back wall. Dave falls backward before reaching the wall and does a back flip, landing in a half crouch for a split second before allowing himself to fall to the ground. He slowly gets to his feet and brushes himself off, “Nice to meet you too.” Dave smiles. The children are astonished and hopeful. ~Wake up~

[Wow, first I’m a guy and then that guy turns out to be some super strength type hero. How awesome is that. I hope Dave saves the children and becomes the new person in charge, then he will end up with a lovely female assistant who will teach him how to better care for the children and learn compassion. Well you can see where that story plot would lead…]

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