Monday, October 27, 2008

To kill Sesshomeru

I'm at a church, there are a lot of people in the main hall where the speakers meet and everyone is crowded, filling up the seats. I am sneaking by in the halls. This is a bad organization. I have fallen in love with Sesshomeru [from innuyasha] but he is the lead evil behind this group. He loves me too but will not give up what he is doing. I am the only one who can stop him. [I can't remember exactly how but it has to do with an earring and the ringing of a large church type bell.] I pierce my own ears to prepare for what I have to do, oh the pain.

Then the dream switches to a few years into the future. Apparently I had been unable to stop him. The organization has grown in depth and evil but a good organization has also been formed. I am not a member of either which puts me in danger no matter who I run into. My mom drives up to the main area for the evil organization. [I don't know how I gained that info but my mom doesn't know. She thinks we are here to pick up something and then leave.] I tell her to go and she looks at me funny, she sees some people from the good organization, which she is a member of', and shouts at me to get back in the car to leave. She knows what is going down here, but I have a feeling that it wont work. There is something I have to do to tip the balance. I sneak by, crouched down as I walk past the front counter. Nobody sees me yet, I keep a firm prayer in my heart.

I end up in this room that is filled with children. I somehow have a large cast iron frying pan in my hand, it is really heavy. There are two guards, one is ridiculing, taunting and torturing the children. The other is by the door where I am standing. Neither see me. I muster up my strength and swing down the frying pan as hard as I can. I hear a crack as he collapses, I know I have crushed his skull. The other person doesn't see me, that person turns out to be a black, midget, female. I swing down the frying pan but she is turning and spots me. I lose my focus and even though it hits her head it does no damage. She pulls out her gun and runs around, I can't get a good lock on her. When ever the frying pan hits it does no damage and bounces off of her head like rubber. She calls out an alarm right before I smash the frying pan across her face, sending her flying across the room. Then there is a woman, slender blond, good looking and could be quite a distraction.

The dream cuts forward and she is now trapped in a water bottle. I keep turning the bottle trying to drown her but she is strong and powerful. The children are still sitting in rows as if in a classroom and one of them pipes up, "Use the poison. The bee poison." I see the bottle on a shelf and slowly open the water bottle, using a fork to block her escape. I pour the poison in the bottle as she is coming out. The fork does nothing and soon she is out. She attacks me with master kung fu skills. I pray again and know that if my job is not finished the Lord would help me to escape this. It turns out that I have not completed the task sent to do yet. The Lord give a remembrance to my body of things I learned in Taekwando. I fight back and end up using a release grab move to sweep her to the ground. She ends up in this pretzel type position and I hear a crack from her arm.

Then the dream moves forward in time and two guys come in to check on things. They had heard the alarm. I'm crouched on the ground, hiding behind the children. The guys see their comrades on the ground and are on full alert but for some reason they are both thirsty. They both drink from the poisoned bottle of water still sitting on the counter. I get up and they prepare to take me in when one of the kids distract them by telling them about the bee poison. They look at each other and then the poison has had time to take effect on the first one. The second one is putting his finger down his throat to throw up the poisoned water but instead collapses as well. I hide the kids under the floor boards. There is no way to be sneaky with a group of kids in the center of a large evil organization building. I hope that anyone who sees the empty room will run around looking for the culprit and for the children but not think to pull up the floor. I know trying to hide them in a closet or some place would do no good and they would be caught almost immediately.

Now I'm in this room, it looks like a small servant type room and another lady walks in. Wild, short red hair, a look of fear crosses my face and I know that I am caught. Even if she didn't know already that I'm not part of the group, she will know by the look on my face. Somehow, though, she doesn't get it. She complains and talks to me for a while. I get an impression from the Lord to start a fire outside. We are close to the backyard area, just out the back door of this room.

She asks me for a cigarette. I look in the purse I stole from the lady I had killed in the children room. I was also wearing her clothes, which probably helped in my disguise. I pull out a sorry excuse for a cigarette and she says never mind, she only smokes a certain brand that can only be found in one part of the world. "Then why did you ask?" She smiled "Because once I did find someone who had the exact same brand, so I never know when that will happen again." I tell her that I need to go out and smoke. I go out back, in the purse I have 5 or 6 lighters, crazy. I don't want anyone to know I have a lighter so I ask this guy for a light. My sorry excuse for a cigarette is poorly wrapped and all kinds of fluff is sticking out, it doesn't light very well. It actually looks like cotton wrapped up sort of in flimsy paper and not closed off very well.

I am lighting the contents of the garbage can secretly while this is going on. Then I decide to go around and bum actual cigarettes. The whole time, lighting trashcans on fire. I finally get to this back corner and get a cigarette from someone and she lights it for me. Then I go to the last garbage can but I am not being as careful and I get caught lighting this punching bag on fire that is in this garbage can for some reason. I get caught and as they are dragging me away I flick my cigarette into the bushes. I look around and all of the trash cans have been put out, nothing I did made any difference. "Sorry Lord I failed you, but I know that if it is meant to be you will make it happen." Then the brush all catches on fire so quickly nobody can stop it. Soon the entire place will be on fire.

The dream skips forward. I had let my ears close over from when I had pierced them years before trying to stop Sesshomeru. I now repierce one ear, for that is all that is needed, and prepare myself to stop him at all costs, even the cost of my own heart.

[Wow now that was an interesting dream. I think it's awesome how my dream censored the violence, skipping forward and never showing anything. I even got to save the children but with the place on fire and them under the floor, I don't know how they will be save. But with the Lord in charge, I bet he leads some people from the good organization to the children and they get them out.]

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