Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harry Potter world meets Vampires

I'm waiting for this high up person and my bosses are twin boys - I haven't met them but I'm told that they are in charge of all of the arranging for tables and events. I'm supposed to do that and make sure things run smooth when events happen. I talk to the twin guys and they tell me there is more to their job than that. Then I fall in love with and marry a vampire. I have 3 kids and they grow up real fast. The oldest is 2 years old, the middle is 1 and the youngest is 6 months. Then I have twins and find out that someone is coming to take my children away. It is prof. Umbrige. I end up having 3 more children after the twins and then Umbridge is coming. I have magic with out the need of a wand. When she comes in the door, the person who opened the door was unprepared and taken out. I yell "expelliarmas" and she shouts "Harry Potter" like my use of the disarming spell reminded her of some joke. Laughing she jumps, like a toad, through the ceiling. I do the same to follow her but she has already taken my children and gone. I cry out and go straight to where her children camp is. Here children are slaves. I sneek in and see my kids, they have already come up with a plan. I say hidden while one of the young boys (1 year old but looks like 10 or 12) screams in pain. My heart leaps but I keep still. Umbridge goes into the shed and I point my hand at her but forgot the word for the spell, I say "umm....Knockout!" She collapses. As we leave I remember the spell and shout "Stupify" to this old man that tries to stop us. He is collapsed but still holding on to a childs leg. I get him to let go and the child runs but he grabs at my leg. I get away and we race to my car, there is a word game on a computer that we are passing by as we head out of the camp. I am almost distracted but one of the kids, the baby, cries out and I get in the van. Now there are 9 kids, I guess I ended up adopting one from the camp, and they are all half vampire.
~Wake up~

[Wow what an interesting dream. I don't think I really have any commentary to add to this one. Other than the fact that this is vampire, Harry Potter, Child Slavery and crappy job all rolled into one dream. Weird.]

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