Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A girl and her dog

A small girl and this little puppy are friends. [The dog looks kind of like brian from family guy.] She is staying with her grandparents. Then things switch and I'm at a play - I had to sneak in because I don't have a ticket for today. The play is at this huge theater [that looks a bit like the conference center in utah only not quite as grand. It only has two tiers and is about half the size.] I have a ticket for the next day but not for todays showing, so I slip in by the side door. Nobody is really watching the doors so it seems like they really don't care at this point. I wont be able to go on the day I have my ticket for because I'm going to drive down to see my family. First stop is Sherry's [family members names have changed also but if you know me it's not hard to figure out who is who in my family] she lives on the way. I have a full car but in the dream the people keep changing throughout the trip, so I really don't know who came with me. I guess everyone did. Know one in my car knows what they want to do or will make any decisions. I have to. Then the dream switches back to the little girl. Time has passed and her father came and took her away from her grandparents and friends and wouldn't let her talk to or contact anyone she knew. It's been two years and now she is back. Her father and I guess it's her stepmother, are with her and they are there for a conference trip for her fathers job. While they are outside on the sidewalk somewhere [I think from the surrounding image it was salt lake city because the air was clearer and more mountanous like in utah and it wasn't like the citys I know in california.] the dog sees her. She runs up to him and then when they are close they stop short and stare at eachother. Things are awkward. They both try some small talk "what are you doing?" Then out of nowhere the girl tackles the dog and they roll around, laughing. They play and things are back to normal. The dad is watching this and he is not happy.

[There are also baloons out as if there was some type of festival going on, somehow I'm a part of the festival but I have no idea what I'm doing since apperantly I've been watching the situation with the little girl. This is one of my average dream types and luckily I had this one last night as well to counter act the one I just posted.]

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