Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of paper and monsters

I need to borrow paper and fast so I drive up to [insert town near where I live] and stop by his house. It is really early in the morning but Derek's family is awake for some function or thing to do with the church. I see his dad who answers the door and before I can ask for paper he gets Derek. Derek comes down the stairs and smiles, all bright and awake. "I was just stopping by to borrow some paper." "Oh, I thought you were here to study, that's fine." and he gives me some paper. Then Matt shows up, apperhantly I had just been at Matt's house and he laughed. "Oh your here too." I tell them that I have to go, holding on to the paper. They both shrug and Derek's parents think it would be a great idea if I stayed. I pull out a pen and the dream changes.

I am the oldest of three children. We now live at this house that is up high in the clouds, [I have no idea how we get to the house, it seems to work out in the dream] but we are down on earth at a children's playground. There are some other kids there and they don't like us. They say that we are causing trouble and ruining the way things are supposed to work. My younger brother and sister are sad and crying that the other kids wont let them play. There is a cow herder that is near the playground and everyday he takes his cows and the bull, to run laps around the playground for a bit and then takes them back to their pen. The other kids are afraid, the bull likes to chase and attack the kids. I'm outside and the bull is coming, I go into the other kids playhouse and the bull is attacking the doorway. I am trapped in this little corner and the doorway is going to crumble soon. Then the bull turns and takes off back to his owner. I am furious. If I had been one of the little kids....well no wonder the other kids don't trust anybody and are always scared. I decide that I will make sure this doesn't happen again.
Then my father comes home. He has tears in his eyes that his three children are still alive. He asks me how we survived. I take him, and the other two kids, to the swamp where we lived for so many years before coming back home. I made him the swill I would make for us children while we were taking care of ourselves. We had some gross mixture that was very tasty to us and healthy and some kind of vegitables that we could round up and some nasty kind of self made bread. Our dad forced himself to eat it all and said it was great. Then we all went home to hear how dad survived and was able to come back home. Our mom was dead, but we knew that, we had thought our dad was dead too.

Then I'm on this spaceship, I am captured but escape. The creature is some huge metal monster and seemed as if it was right out of a video game. I come up with a plan and find the monsters weakness, some acid type mixture that will melt and corrode the metal that I make up. The creature is trying to figure out how to move, for some reason it is highly developed but doens't know all of the thinks it can do like a razor spin. The monster perfects the razor spin and prepares to use it on me but I shoot the mixture and the monster is blown against the wall, bubbling and yelling angrily. My small brother and sister are locked away and I have to get them out. ~Wake up~

[Now that was an awesome dream. I'm so glad that I was so strong and capable in this dream. I took out a 15 foot monster, every childs dream.]

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