Sunday, June 28, 2009

am I human?

I am at this convention type place only there are a lot of random people around. There is one guy who looks like he is walking on stilts, come to find out he is part Giant. From this I get the impression that this is no normal grouping of people. Everyone has some type of magical blood in them. I wonder how I was able to sneak in, seeing how I am fully human, but no one seems to notice. I get a call from Joleen and I tell her where I am. I am with Lila and she is unable to reach the dress she wants. She doesn't want to ask for help, it is a frilly barbie type dress. There is a cabinet in the corner with a typewritter in it. I head towards the typewriter when I remember about Joleen's phone call. I race out, now I am alone. I get to the parking garage.

~dream skip~ I pass Joleen who is with a small group, there are about 3 or 4 people there. I drive past and go to park.

~dream skip~ I am in line with the group. Even though I'm getting back in, I have to be with Joleen and all so that they would be able to get inside.

~dream skip~ I am now with Marco alone at a house. We are sitting on a couch talking.

~wake up~

[This is not the true end of the be continued in one of my stories]

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