Friday, June 19, 2009

The Facility

I am in this school type facility. It is not a choice but a forced thing. It is almost like a prison because all of us are to stay in the facility and the outside doors are locked. There is this little girl, sweetest little thing, probably about 7years old or so, and she is talking about her dad. She loves her dad very much but he is in jail for being a murderer.

~Dream Skip~ It's like a camera shot that zooms in on a prison and down the hall, through the locker rooms, stopping at this older man in a chair, (probably about 60yrs old maybe a bit younger but no less than 50) He is talking about how he was a good person but then someone kept making this sound, Ehhhhhhhhhy (it sounds like a guttural A), he snapped. Now anytime he hears that sound he wants to go out and kill and he can not stop himself.

~Dream skip~ Over the loud speaker comes the sound, Ehhhhhhhhhy, I look around and the little girl is gone. Then through the window to the outside I see her walking away with a maniacal look on her face.

~Dream skip~ I am with this guy, he is a bit younger maybe about my brothers age, and he is needing to sand board across this area to get to a building. I am in charge only there are no remotes or keyboards or anything like you would find in a video game. I am not really there though, more like a presence. I follow him and direct him around rocks, so that he stays on the sand. It is a continuous ride and on accident I end up taking the more complicated road when we reached a fork. It took us up over this mountainous terrain where there was very little sand. He had great skill or I had great navigation, either way he even boarded on a small thin piece of sand with his back to the mountain rocks with only enough sand for half of his board. The other half of the board was hanging in mid air over a huge drop.

We made it to the end and it was all sand. He stopped at the end which was a huge stretch of sand that dropped off to the sand below. The building was down there. We looked at each other and I smiled, "jump". He leapt with the board attached to his feet and landed right in front of the building. The building was the same facility I had been locked up in.

~Dream skip~ I was at my own place, lots of bad memories behind me. There was a package in the mail, I thought it would be the stuff I had left behind at "The Facility", but it turns out to be stuff that I had junked or mailed back to them. I threw it across the room, frustrated, angry and hurt.

~Dream Skip~ I am with a group of people at a class. It is a religious class but I am exhausted and sleep through most of it. I keep trying to open my eyes but they close again.

~wake up~

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