Friday, June 12, 2009

Protect the invention and save the kids.

I am caught in some kind of time warp. I was in this group of people that was creating some kind of revolutionary invention. Other neighboring groups want to steal not only the idea but how we did it and take the whole thing. We have it sectioned off into pieces and that's when I got caught in the time warp. (i don't remember what happened in the warp but when I got back I knew that the bully would come with his side kick to come and bully us out of the invention and then destroy it.) I return from the time warp and run up the stairs to the roof of a building. It is raining outside. Everyone is huddled together trying to decided who will take what sections. I run in and they cry out "there you are. We've been so worried. How could you abandon the project?" I look at them, glancing over my shoulder. "That's not important, what's important is protecting our invention." I draw boxes on a piece of paper with columns. Each row symbolizes one of the group and each column symbolizes a time of day. We create X's on who is going to take what watch. I was on the first watch. Everyone left and the bully came to steal. The piece of project I had was a small wrapped up tube. I slipped it into my backpack and the bully tried to threaten me. I stood my ground...

[dream skip] I am with Nick and Krista and this guy. There are these two men trying to take the kids. (there is a reason but I have no idea what it is, just that I am their only chance, but they don't understand the danger). We all end up running, I tell the guy to keep the kids with him and I'll run ahead to draw the men off because for some reason it's me they want even though they are out to kidnap the kids. (I know, I know, that doesn't make sense but in the dream it did) When I look over my shoulder I am far ahead but the guy is a few blocks back and the kids are way behind him. "You Idiot!!! You left the kids!" He stops and looks back. I run back and the kids are running to me. The two bad men got on this bus/train (one of those light rails or buses on tracks that runs on electricity) The bus/train stops and the men coax the kids who listen and get on. They smile and wave at me, thinking this is all a game. I cry out and yell at the guy "now they've got the kids." The guy didn't seem too broken up about it, but he got upset when I chased down the bus/train and leaped on. The two men laughed but I told the driver to radio for the police, as she picked up the radio one of the men pulled out a gun. "You put that radio down or I'll shoot." The driver slowly put down her radio. I stared at the men. Krista ran to me and hugged me. The kids still didn't understand the danger but I knew that I would protect them no matter what happened to me, and I knew that the bad men knew it too. ~wake up~

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