Friday, June 5, 2009

On Trains and Prairies

I am a man or a male of about 12 to 14 years of age. I am with my friends and we are out playing when we hear a sound. They all start screaming and some of them freeze up. Soon all of my friends are frozen, curled into balls and they all look like rocks. (I don't know if it's magic or a rock colored blanket or if that's just what it looks like when people on the prairie, or wherever we were, curl up into a ball on the ground) They are scared. The monster turns out to be a T-Rex. It dips it's massive head to the ground, sniffing. I run up and leap on it's neck, climbing up towards it's head. It raises up to full height, I have to grab at the tiny hairs and hope I don't fall. I hang on and then when he stops I climb to the top of his head and stab his eye, and stab his other eye. He roars back and I go flying, landing on my side. He is now blinded, I now have the advantage to take him down.

[dream skip] I am on a moving train. There is a drama final that is being turned in. It is to read a piece of work, we had created, on stage. I start reading (wish I could remember, it was beautiful and amazing) It had to do with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but was written in such a way that it could include the Great Spirit, The Divine, Krishna, and any other such being. Everyone in class was leaving and talking though, while I was trying to read. One student stayed. The teacher never noticed. I continued as if nothing was happening. Then when I got to the end I realized that it felt incomplete and then I had a book in my hand which I read some from for inspiration to finish the piece. The teacher complimented me but asked if I read that last part from a book, which would be copyrighting, or copy reading, something as my own that wasn't. I said that I did read small snippets but mostly just used it for inspiration. She smiled and asked me to do my piece again. I did, only this time it was in a sing songy voice that was beautiful.

[dream skip] The kids all surround me, we are out in the land that is open and free. They tell me how I saved our village and that I am their protector. I am the Tyrannosaurus slayer.

[dream skip] I am wondering on the train. There is a door that opens out to a seat dangling from the train. It is a wire mesh type, make shift, chair that is just a back and a seat. When you sit in it your feet dangle over the moving tracks. It may not be an actual seat but I sit out there to get away from people and to meditate/ think on my own. I look out on the seat but then have to get to lunch. After drama, my teacher gave me a lunch ticket, so that I would be able to eat. I can not afford lunch on my own. There are two lunch halls, one that is less crowded and one where all my friends are. I peak in the less crowded one and then peak in the other room. Then I head back to the less crowded room, I was so hungry.

~wake up~

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