Wednesday, May 13, 2009

church; is it right, right now?

[Dream Skip] I went to church. There are a lot of people there. Also there are microphones that are hooked up to the edge of some of the pews. They can be turned on to make a comment durring sacrament meeting. Drew is sitting there in the back. He calls me over so I sit next to him and lean on him. He has his arm around me and then tells me to get more comfortable. He moves my legs onto the pew and sets a pillow down where he was sitting so that I am laying down and then he moves to another spot. I get up and walk out the doors to sit in the foyer in the chair that is directly across from the pulpit so I could still see the speaker. I have my big gulp of mountain dew that I am drinking. Cris notices and gets up [to walk back and talk to me or see how I'm doing or something like that I guess.]

[dram skip] Cris is walking to one of the center pews next to this beautiful and slightly big girl but she is well proportioned. She puts her arm around his waist as he goes to sit down. He rubs her shoulder and she leans in and they kiss, a small peck but affectionate. He leans back with his arm around her, she leans into him and they are happy. I think to myself that they will probably be married in a couple weeks, they just seem right for eachother.

[dream skip] I go to the front to talk to someone. I need a tissue and grab one but the top one had been set up to look pretty. I tried to fix it but it wouldn't work. Shara had arranged it so she got back up from her seat to fix it all nice again. I am told to move that I am getting in the way and messing things up. Shara spoke up saying that she couldn't do it either. I havn't used the tissue so I trade, the first one that I had grabbed had been all stiff anyways. She took it and fixed it all nice, I wanted to help but it would only make it take longer.

I went to use the restroom. The guys was first then up the couple stairs and there was the ladies. Only there was a door kiddy corner that was open, blocking the other door from view. A couple ladies went in the other door. That door leads to a community bathroom. I close the other door and go into the ladies room. I go to the stall and it was all grody and gross. Instead of going to a different one I cleaned it up and used it anyways. The other bathroom is connected to the ladies by an archway. One of the other ladies saw it and came this way. [The community bathroom is the same as one I've had in many other dreams.]

Rene and Daniel are at my house. They are outside playing. I have to get the presant I promised Rene. I had given Daniel a car and told Rene I would get her something dressy. I couldn't find anything so I gave her a choice. Doll clothes that I took off one of my dolls [which I don't own in real life] or a stuffed pink zebra [also which I don't own in real life] a broken hula hoop, [nope, don't have it] or a tennis ball [yup, have that one.] She was choosing.

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