Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby off a cliff?

I'm going with a group of friends to watch a musical called "Antigone". My teacher didn't know there would be a surprise performance. The place was mostly empty, a lot of people didn't know. Lila is there to. During one of the many breaks, I am standing outside and look over. There is a metal gate type fence along the edge with a bit of concrete sticking out on the other side. It looks like we are on the edge of a cliff. I see a baby with the body on the side of the cliff and the head stuck in the bars. I climb over the fence and run on the cliff side. I get to the baby and gently get it unstuck and climb back over the the safe side. The mom is running, she has a girl in her arms and a boy being dragged along. She is crying, "My baby. My baby." I give her the child and explain what happened. She doesn't understand, she speaks Spanish. I pantomime what happened, showing her the metal fence and the cliff. She begins to understand and starts crying loudly. I am back in the play with Lila. It is actually the "Poisonwood Bible", because it has the character Ada in it. She is singing about her difficulty with words and speaking and how she reads backwards. It is a musical and very intriguing. It is the Poisonwood Bible and Antigone combined. ~wake up~

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