Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coraline Retold or continued; your choice

[So my dream happened after the movie. I guess it's like a years later where the Bell Dam had continued to use her powers to ensnare children so that she could suck the life out of them and keep them for her own. When she was done with them there would be nothing left but a troubled soul. Then she would go after another this case it was someone I knew]

I get a call from Jenna, she wanted to know if I'd be available to watch her kids while she went out for the evening. I said that would be fine. When I got there she pulled me aside, "There's been something strange with Daniel lately. He keeps talking about his 'other' home and...well it's got me worried. If you could just keep an eye on him, that'd be great." I reassured her and she was gone.

Well Dan, Rene and I had a great time playing games and then as we were getting ready for bed I saw a doll. It looked just like Dan. It creeped me out. I didn't want to leave the doll out, staring at me or possibly attacking the children. [Yes my imagination was running wild and it scared me] So I tossed the doll in the game closet and closed the door. I took the kids upstairs, read stories and put them to bed. I heard a sound downstairs. I looked out and saw nothing. I was shaking so bad as I walked slowly down the stairs and towards the playroom. The doll was laying on the carpet, it looked like it was looking for something. I wanted to run, to scream, to call Debbie and have her come right away, but I couldn't. All I could think about were the kids. If I left, that doll could go after them, their life was worth more than my own. I slipped into the playroom, careful that the doll wouldn't see me. Then I ran, grabbed it up and threw it back into the open game closet. I slammed the door and grabbed some string. I tied the doorknob to the bathroom door knob that was just kiddy corner. Then I backed up and watched.

After a few minutes the handle started to jiggle, trying to open. This was not good. I couldn't leave a creepy life doll in their house. I pulled out some matches and set some lighter fluid on the sink, pourning some around the sides. Then I grabbed a bag. I threw open the door to the game closet and scooped up the now lifeless doll that fell to the floor. I tossed it out of the bag and into the sink. It landed face down. I poured lighter fluid on it and struck the match. The doll decided to move while I was watching and tried to turn to get a good look at my face. I dropped the match and then dropped to the floor. The fire rose up in a burst and then went down to a small flame. I kept tossing matched in till the doll was reduced to an ashy mess. Then I scooped it all up and tossed it and then tossed it all in the outside garbage.

When I came back in the house I saw Dan. He was walking slowly away from me. He had just come from down stairs and was headed for the hall. I called his name, He looked at me and started to run. I ran, grabbed him and put him to bed. He was very unhappy and told me that he hated me. I then went downstairs and toward the hall to see where he was going. There was nothing there. I decided to hang out under the stairs and wait. I could feel that something was wrong.

Maybe an hour passed by and Daniel was again downstairs and walking to the hall. This time I followed him, quietly. Jenna had asked me if I could maybe find out what was going on with her son. There was an opening in the wall, almost like a portal. He climbed in, I followed a bit behind. He never looked behind him, he was so excited about where he was going. When I emerged it was back into the same room I had left. The house looked exactly the same, except for the sounds of laughter in the kitchen. I snuck around the side and peeked in.

Jenna, Rene and Daniel were all around the kitchen table, eating sweets and having a good time. Then I saw the buttons on Rene's eyes. I was horrified. I didn't see Jenna's, somehow I knew it would be very bad if she caught me here. I listened to their conversation. Jenna was trying to convince Dan to stay with her and said that all he would have to do was to let her give him buttons for eyes. Dan said he'd have to think about it but he thought this home was so much better than his own. Then he was sleepy and she carried him up to bed. I waited until she was back down stairs and in the kitchen before I raced up the stairs to grab him and take him back. But when I got there, he was gone. He wasn't in the bed in this world. I realized I had better get out of here before I got caught. I slip out, listening to Jenna's false voice laughing about how she would soon have another child in her snare. I climbed through the portal and crawled back to reality. I then raced up the stairs and saw both Dan and Rene, the real one's, sleeping soundly.

The next day Dan talked about his "Other" home and the "Other" mother that was so much better. I told Jenna that I wanted to stay for a few days and she said that would be fine. I talked with Dan and he said "How could you possibly know." I told him that I had been there and that it wasn't a safe place. He then yelled at me and told me I didn't understand.

The next night, I waited by the wall. Around midnight the portal appeared. I went through and hid in the corner. I noticed that there was something wrong. I could sense another presence here. I heard a voice cry out in my mind for help. Then I saw up on the mantle, a doll that looked like Jenna, it was the real Jenna. She had been trapped here. I got a skateboard from the playroom, which was a horrible mess, toys everywhere.

Then with out warning Dan came through. I wanted to show him that I was here with out anyone else seeing but Jenna called out for him and he was gone. He didn't even see me. Quietly I placed the Jenna doll on the skateboard and sent it through the portal. She was safe on the other side. Then I stood there, listening in the doorway. The "other" Jenna was a little upset.

Dan wasn't as excited as he had been the night before. "Amy said that you weren't safe. She said that you were going to trap me and hurt me." Jenna glared at him, "Really and who is Amy to talk." Dan spoke between mouthfuls of strawberry short cake, "She's my babysitter. She's almost like an other, other mother." he laughed. Then Jenna smiled, "Oh, that Amy. Where there is an 'other' Amy here that is much nicer and lets you do whatever you want. She said she would be here soon, after you made the decision to stay. She isn't going to come visit if you are just going to leave her alone. That would make her sad."

Dan frowned, "I like Amy. I don't want another one. Plus, she said she's been here and that you are mean. I don't know if I want to stay. I can still visit..." Jenna frowned, "You are not going anywhere. You are staying here and you are going to have buttons for eyes. This will either be your paradise or your very own Hell. It is up to you. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran to Dan's side. "Don't worry Dan. I never left you. I will always be there for you, even if you can't see me."

Jenna stared down at me with buttons in her own eyes. She was frightening. I stared back at her, holding on to Dan. Then the world swirled and Dan was no longer there. I closed my eyes, I could still feel his arm in my hands. He was there, I just couldn't see him. "So, you've been here before? You snuck in here to steal my child away? A mother will do anything to protect her child." I glared back, "Which is why I'm here."

She shouted at me, "He is not even your child." I smiled back, "Yes he is. Not my blood child and not my own child but enough of mine to have my love. I love him and will protect him with the same firosity of any mother alive. You will never have him."

She laughed, "But, you have already lost him." Then she faded away. I felt a tug and then she was right. Dan was gone. I cried out but the fog swirled. I was alone. Then the room started to come back into focus. I could hear Dan's voice, "I don't care what you say, Amy didn't abandon me."

"Then where is she." The fake Jenna asked. "She is with me, even when I can't see her." As he said that, I really was there, no more smoke and mirrors. Then everything vanished. Dan was caught in a web and I was falling. 'none of this is real' I thought to myself, 'it's like a dream world.' I then decided to do what I would do in any dream world. I used my imagination.

Wings came from my back and I flew back up to Dan who was trapped. The fake Jenna was now the Bell Dam and she looked like a large spider ready to devour her prey. I was there at the web in seconds and hung on the bottom burning the fibers that held Dan captive. He fell into my arms. She cried out and came after us. I let up a huge mountain and flew around it to the portal. I sent Dan through, he cried for me to come but I told him that I had to stop her from coming after any other children.

The Bell Dam Spider reached me and sunk her teeth into my shoulder. I closed the portal and then grabbed her with my free hand. I sent fire into her, burning her from the inside out. She released me from her fangs and cried out in despair and pain. Cried until she was dead and then I burned her till she was ashes and burned the ashes until they were nothing. Then I fell, landing on the platform to the cave in the mountain. I crawled to the inside, I would die, I could feel it. Part of me wanted to just stay here, in the dragon's cave and die in my dream. That would be a comforting tomb.

Instead I opened a portal. I crawled into the house. I could hear Jenna reading stories to her children. They would be alright. I snuck out to my car and drove to the hospital that was only 10 min away. I almost didn't make it. I parked in the no parking zone, in front of emergency. People came out shouting mad at me, using my right hand, my entire left side was on fire, I opened the door and fell out. It was then that I lost conciousness and never woke up.

I never saw the doctors working so hard to pull the poison out and find an antidote. I never saw them call my family to inform them of my demise. All I saw, when I awoke was a world of spirits. It was like a world in fog, not in the clouds but in a swirl of fog. I was alone at first, then I would see people coming and going. I wondered a bit and found a group of children. We sat and told stories. It was a pleasant place, filled with peace. There was no pain or suffering.

Then Saber showed up, the real one, he had died the same day. He lived in Alaska and had always had the feeling to come to California. The day I left the real world for good he hopped on a plane and came to the bay area. He found my brother by accident and was allowed to stay the night. About 3am he woke up, the time I was poisoned, and he left the house in a hurry, the alarm sounding. He was in the car and driving when I climbed out of the portal. He was at an intersection at the time I fell out of the car at the hospital. And at the moment my spirit left my body a car ran a red light and there was an accident. The other driver was fine but "Saber" was killed. We had found eachother, after this life, but it was enough. We sat down and told the children stories. No more children would suffer, the Bell Dam was gone forever. ~wake up~

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