Monday, May 4, 2009

kidnapped, hostage and true identity

This young girl is my friend, I am young too. We play together. Then she is kidnapped. I call police. I also follow them, I think it's by a tracking device or something. Or maybe I have the police follow but I placed the device. Anyways he takes her to an apartment, he puts on "batman the animated series" for her....then the police knock on the door and bust in. The man is charged with....and taken away. I am there and I am organizing her things on the bed, she doesn't want anything left behind. She is getting dressed. I am older, still organizing the stuff on the bed...

[Dream Changes] This group of guys is standing by their car, dressing up like partial batman vigilantes. They only have the shirt on with jackets over it, this car is behind their parked car. This group of guys, noticibly evil. Get out and pull out guns. They tell the guys to go to the wooden fence, it is on top of a hill, overlooking weeds, trees, bushes, dirt and some grass for a while, it's a wilderness park in the city. I grab my walky talky [I am one of the guys now and not just watching] and radio in for help, stating where we are. I am not noticed. I get up to the fence and drop my walky talky on the ground on the other side of the fence. One of the other guys does the same, he must have radio'd as well. He coveres his with dirt using his foot. I do the same. Then there is a comotion at the bottom of the hill and the other 3 guys take off. I stay by the fence, cheering them on. To of the bad guys go after them with their guns, but a crowd of people is coming up, they mingle with the people, running. One of the bad guys stays, but I am not worried.

[Dream switch] There is a woman wollowing in her sorrow. She is drinking. I am there and another girl. There is a long piece of mechanical pencil led in my arm. I am working it to poke out of my skin so I can pull it out, this is while my friend is talking. She is drunk talking about this guy she loved who hurt her and they had children and then she married a jerk and now is divorced. She is upset about the fact that she could have been somebody. I am pulling out a piece of lead but it breaks off so it's only a small piece. I work it out again and pull out a long piece, it hurts but it comes out. I sigh with relief. I tell her I don't remember and she is upset "you don't remember!" then she calms down, "that's alright, this is my burden to bear."

Then it skips to this guy. He is gray haired. He is the true father. I believe they are the parents of the two girls, me and the one who was kidnapped. I am upset to find him as my true father, I always thought my true father was the jerk who left my mother. This guy is kind, why did he leave. He didn't, there is more story and he is sad because he had no choice. The lady confront him and he is standing next to his bed, sad.

I see a large plate of cream filled eclairs. ~wake up~

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