Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secret service? Vigilante? Spy? Who knows.

There is a war going on. I am fighting for my life. I take out everyone on my own. I am hiding behind some boxes and I can take out the other guys, but if I hit one of the army guys then I'm caught and will be killed. After I use a silencer and quietly remove the other guys. The army people are constantly marching by where I am hiding, nearly giving me a heart attack each time. Then when they are on the furthest part of their march, I pull out my automatic and start taking them out. I have most of them dead before the first could even pull out their weapons. I know a secret...

[dream skip] I am leaving the house for some secret thing. I am staying with a group of people; Joleen, Jenny, Daniel, Rene and a few I do not know. It is a large two story house, though there is one main room on the bottom floor where we all have blankets and sleep. [I do not remember what I am doing, but I don't want to be found out, the rest of that part is fuzzy] Then I'm coming home and can not find the key. I have to knock on the door. I knock soft and Daniel and Rene open the door. I slip in. Jenny doesn't comment on my coming in so early. I find my key in the purse I was carrying. I don't know why I couldn't find it before.

[dream skip] I am out with Joleen and another person. We are visiting a friend of Joleen's but as we come up to the house Joleen takes off and shouts "go ahead and go in, I'll be right back." We knock on the door, feeling awkward. A lady answers the door and we comment that we are friends of Joleen. The lady lets us in. There is a large half circle of comfy chairs. I sit in the second row on the curve between the left side and the middle. The person with me sits on my right. Then Joleen slips in and instead of sitting with us, she sits in the row behind, in a different comfy chair, even though the chair next to me and the one next to the other person are the same type of different chair. I look back at her confused and she smiles back.

[dream skip] I am looking for a job. I have a strong recommendation to this farm place with horses and farming stuff. It is crowded and it takes me awhile to find the person in charge. She looks at me sad. "Sorry. There are no positions available. There is no place open. I can't take you. I leave my resume with her and watch her get in a green VW bug. I walk the long walk up the hill and get to my car. As she is driving the bug behind the large building [sheltering some of the horses I think] I tell myself, "I really want that car. A car like that drives so well." I run around the side, from the top of the hill I'm on, to see if I can watch her park it. I look out and see something, I squint...~wake up~

[stupid alarm]

[Although for the record I have never and will not want to buy a bug. That is just not my style or type of car. But that's just me]

[That part with the chairs is some type of meeting. Interesting.]

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