Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vigilante group to stop the evil

I'm with Tina we are at some kind of church and leave early because I am sick. Tina immediately lays down and goes to sleep. She is tired and I can't sleep now because someone has to stand watch. We are in this underground bunker type, I think it might be a small cave, there's a hall and then the cove that we are staying in. There is a huge double king size bed in the back cove. The hall opens into a main center with the bedroom cove through a small archway.

~dream skip~ I am in this building, it's like a huge research facility only empty except for this guy we are trying to kill. There are a number of people in my group and we are spread out. The problem is that the guy we are trying to kill is invincible. Every time he is shot blood shoots out and then he regenerates. I have Tina with me, people are dying. I take some back halls and sneak past with Tina. We get out and go to the hideout. We get in and Tina again takes the bed and sleeps. I am exhausted and still sick, more of a stomach cramp, pain throughout my body type sick, not a virus sick. I take look out again. Then two of the guys show up, we have to go. The creature / person has gotten out and we can't allow him to be let lose on the streets. I get two tranquilizer pills, they are huge. The only problem is that I have to figure out how I'm going to get the pills down his throat.

~dream skip~ I am on the ground, the guy/creature is towering over me. I know that I am going to die. I look at the pills and leap up and shove my hand into his mouth and down his throat. He grabs me and holds me above ground, his teeth clamped on my hand. What is left of our team is standing there unsure what to do. They could shoot the creature to try to save me but that could cause the tranquilizers to be bled out of his system.

~dream skip~ I am at a concert. Somehow I end up at the front, my hands touching the stage. One of the singers, or the main singer, notices me. He comes up and holds out a hand, I take it and before I know it I'm on stage. He whispers that I get to go backstage for free. I ask if I can bring a friend, Mary had given me a ride to the concert. One of the other singers/band player with a guitar walks over and helps Mary up. She goes backstage quick, she doesn't like being in full public on stage. I'm on stage with the guy, I don't know his alterier motives. Right in front of all the fans he kisses me, I kiss right back not wanting to let go. Then goes back to the song. I slip back stage to find Mary, she's not there. The band goes off stage and is being called back for an enchoure. He smiles at me and tells me he will be right back. I am conflicted inside should I stay? should I look for mary?

~dream skip~ I come out with the sword of power, attaching the desert storm power and the magic special thing we had been looking for. I am with the original team only we are down to five members still alive. Somehow I had survived the last battle. None believe me. I sweep out the sword sending out the desert storm power, all evil coming after us, gone. A vast emptiness.

~dream skip~ We are back in the hideout. Someone comes in, there is a forboding appearance. One of the guys in our team has a special weapon that connects into one large circle with slashing claws but can also be taken apart into 4 separate pieces, claws that can be attached to the hand or foot. He gets up and hands us each one claw. I refuse at first and he looks at me, "there is nothing else. It was a fun ride." I do not allow myself to tear up but I strap the claw to my right hand.

~dream skip~ I am all that is left. I am standing by a comander of a primative army, he has been training them to fight with swords. There is a bamboo gate that is at this guard post that needs to be opened. These Ewoks rush down this hill, charging. They have small spears, they refused to use the swords or anything else. They are being shot down, they will lose. I look at this scene and charge down myself.. I rush with my sword and kill from a distance. Then I leap on the shoulders of one standing by the gate, kicking the lock of the gate, breaking it. I slash open the throat of a guard to my right and leap over the wall. The gate swings out a small bit, mission accomplished. They send out Adam Sandler. I run, swim a river and run and swim a stream. Exhausted I crawl out from the other side, laying on my stomach. Adam Sandler gets there and becomes Will Ferrell and then becomes Owen Wilson. I am crawling like a dog/horse and he is on my back. I know he is not going to kill me and he knows that I know.

~dream skip~ The movie is only half way through and we haven't even gotten to the real battle yet. ~wake up~

[This is what happens when I work hard all day, play hard, work out, go to bed really late and wake up really late. ~sigh~ and ~shakes head~]

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