Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My sister, the inventor

[Usually this is the part where I switch a real name for a fake one to protect the involved parties but mostly myself for having them in my dreams. This time I have to leave in the real name because I thought it was too awesome to ignore.]

My sister, Melanie, invented anti-gravity shoes (that's what she called them). She sent me the prototype to test out. They fit perfectly and worked as if they had been a part of me all my life.

~dream skip~ trapped in a crowded, mall sized, payless shoe store. It is chaotic and packed. I go to the front and take a key (metal tube that is used to free the shoes from the theft attachments.) from out of the register, it won't come out. I twist it and it opens the register. The manager comes up to me and I tell her that I didn't mean to open it. Then I have the key and I'm in the back corner of the store...

~dream skip~ I am in charge of these two teens since they were 12. They can't be alone until 18. They are now 17 and I am walking with them. This squirrel attacks me and bites the flesh of my arm. I'm walking again and the squirrel leaps out and bites the flesh of my face. Many times I am bitten, I keep a look out but each time it attacks once and then is gone.

~dream skip~ I am in this mansion type house with Melanie and my family. Melanie is there to show them her shoes. We have a large meal and then Melanie turns on the shoes and flips up onto the ceiling. She walks, does front flips, back flips and then runs a small circle on the ceiling right above the table. The guy is impressed. I am patiently waiting my turn but it is hard watching her with the shoes on, I want to show off, but I hold back. Melanie then hands me the shoes "Now for my sister. She's a natural and can show you more possibilities." I slip on the shoes and start tying the many ties and strapping the Velcro. When a sound is outside. The man of the house then turns into a panther and slips out. We are hiding out from a group and there were a couple of spies outside the window. The next day the headline on the front page is "Couple Mauled by large feline...a man and a woman seen walking down the street were viciously attacked..." I am still in the house with Melanie and she is curious about what the shoes can do. I show her how to hover, glide, walk walls and then I corner myself in the upper ceiling corner and point the shoes out diagonally with gravity pushing out, holding me in place and also acting as a shield. I ask Melanie to shoot me with an arrow, she pulls out her bow and shoots. The arrow gets halfway and then shoots back. ~wake up~

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