Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outer Space, Pokemon and Church

We are in outer space. Ryan is outside of the car taking pictures. I am sitting in the passenger seat. I see the beautiful scenery of planets and lights and such and I get out. I go over and look at Ryan's pictures, leaning close to give him ideas. I tell him how I like the lighting of one, the contrast of another or which ones to keep, redo or delete. His head is leaning over mine, then I turn around and I pick up a strawberry [I have no idea where I got it] Ryan is taking pictures again. I take a slow, delicious bite. Ryan looks over at me with a completely different look on his face, a different desire. I am surprised...The Taylor Swift song starts playing..."...see that I'm the one who understands you...see ee ee, you belong with me ee ee, you belong with me."

~dream skip~ I hear about the magic of the wardrobe and travel through to Narnia. Once there I hear shouts of an army. I'm with a small group of people. We have to get to Tomnas's house. We rush and over the hill an army of Orcs from lord of the rings pour out. We get in the house and I hide between a chair and the wall, not a very good hiding spot. They are coming.

~dream skip~ I am at a pokemon convention. There is all things pokemon, people dressed up, shows etc. I am wondering if they are playing the first movie anywhere when a guy comes up to me [he is some famous actor but I have no idea who] and tells me that he can prove Santa clause is real. I follow him and out this door is Santa.

~dream skip~ I am laying on top of the heads of the raindeer as they are flying. I just hope I don't fall off.

~dream skip~ I am at church with Joleen. The back of the pew we are sitting at is reclined. We are at some funeral, like of the Pope or something. My bishop is there he had rushed to get ready and comes in 10 min late but we haven't started yet. I am laying reclined in the seat, almost like it was a bed. Ryan puts his hand around me massage my side. Then I sit up abruptly and ask Joleen who the speaker is. Joleen likes the speaker. The seat is no longer reclined, I cuddle...~wake up~

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