Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not remembering

I haven't been recording my dreams lately. I used to keep a pen and paper by my pillow and would jot things down when I awoke. Now I wake up, remember the dream and then roll over, telling myself that I wont forget. By the time I get up, I've forgotten. I did the same last night but remember a couple key concepts that I'm going to jot down anyways. [oh and I really need to be careful with drinking too much mountain dew. It's delicious and addicting, but not good for you.]

~dream~ Tina and I went in together on an appartment complex. (I really wish I remember this part because Tina would love to hear about it.)

I turned a castle into some other building, like city buildings or something and had this guy fooled but then something happened and the power wore off and you could see it for what it really is. [or maybe it was the other way around, other buildings into a castle, I don't remember)

The rest had to do with being a prisoner. Hunting down my brothers for some underground group. and I don't remember anymore.

[shame on me, I'm choosing extra sleep above my dreams and I'm still just as tired when I get up in the morning.]

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