Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To save the children and myself

On Sims I am creating a world. I am building a small pier next to the ocean but it looks more like a bridge that i then build a house there instead. Tina creates a little girl. She is her child. I create a little boy and then he is real. I am charge of this little boy about 4 or 5 years old. I am not very skilled but somehow I am a part of this secret organization. There is this group that is after the little boy and wants to kill him. They are out to kill me. I run through our warehouse and nobody is able to stop them.

~dream skip~ They have taken the little boy and I am hurt, but not bad (maybe a bump on the head or scratch on the leg or my arm pulled out of socket but now back together....dream didn't tell me) I run after them and there is this lady with evil eyes and a hatred that can not be matched. Her blond hair is butchered short and she is fast and skilled.

~dream skip~ I have the boy in my arms. I will not lose him again. I am driving, then running.

~dream skip~ Somehow I made it to the warehouse alive. Many of the people chasing me have been killed, except for the lady with the evil aura. I'm running, calling for any help I can get, but nobody comes. There are two other guys chasing me as well.

~dream skip~ I killed the two guys somehow and still have the child in my arms. The lady is gaining on me. I rush to the stairs. I just have to get to the top where the head of the organization is. I have to get the boy there and he will be safe. I get to the top and he is dead. My entire organization has been wiped out with only the boy and myself. The lady is gaining on us and I realize I have little time left...

~dream skip~ I am in another organization. One that doesn't listen to me or share vital information that applies to me personally. It's like I don't exist. The boy I had watched earlier in the dream had been adopted to a good home and he is safe. I am put in charge of another child, only not in person. I am ordered to watch the surrounding area and report any and everything that seems important.

~dream skip~ There have been deaths. My child. This other guys child. Then other deaths, I can tell that they are all connected. No one will listen to me. I am figuring things out and working secretly on the "case". When aquiring a unique piece of information I decide to share it with my boss. "All of the case files end in 89" I say. "How do you know that?" He asked accusing. "I've been finding stuff out, I haven't done anything wrong. I didn't go into any forbidden rooms or locked files..." He shakes his head and lets me know that under no uncertain terms was I to continue in this search. "I know it's about me. Whoever this is, is out to scare me and get me." He waved me off and I stomp away. I agree to watch Debbie's kids, what else could I do. I am at the old house, but it is different, still two story but not quite as huge. I am given my own room on the right hand side of the second floor. Someone is up there with me, she is talking to me about the "case", I tell her that I've added up the days and that in three days it will have been 89 days. "what will happen then?" She asked. I shrugged. Then I go back into the room and lock the door so the kids wont walk in while I'm changing. A woman steps out of the closet. "You don't remember me." she said as a statement. "I had hoped your new leash would prevent you from figuring it out this far. I'd rather wait the three days, but I can't have them figuring things out. It looks like I have to kill you now." We fight like crazy. I kick the knife out of her hand. She has a cord to strangle me with. I rush around this cart in the middle of the floor to get to the door. I am shouting, "Don't kill me. She's in here." She turns and runs to the window. I chase after her. I was not about to let her get away. Her feet hang out by the window as she is pulled up into a helicopter. I leap out the window, grabbing on to her legs, hoping to weight her down and prevent her from escaping. Instead we both get pulled up. There is a scattering of followers sitting in the back area of the copter. I had seen each of them at least once during my attempts to figure out the "case". "Looks like I can wait" she smiled. I'd been captured. I tried to cause discontent and suspicions by talking to her rag tag following of a crew but it didn't work.

~dream skip~ I am in the back of a car now, surrounded by the crew while the woman is driving. I try to nonchalantly look out the window and mouth help me. No body notices. Once we enter another state the authorities will be unable to help me or save me. I see a cop and she looks over but I can't tell if she notices or not. We slip through the check point upon leaving California and there is a lodge with arcade games and food and such. It is so tempting that the woman pulls over and we go inside. It's like a real version of a tourist trap. It draws you and keeps you there with free arcades, prizes and only needing to pay for the food. I walk to the back and am left alone. The are watching me and if I try for the doors or windows I'll be in trouble. Not that it matters since in another two days she will kill me anyways. I play an arcade game that wins me free guacamole that is simply dumped into the toy receiving area. not sanitary or appetizing at all. I get an old pizza box and scoop out the guacamole. I begin eating it and this boy says..."you get a coupon for free guacamole at Wenchell's. But it's not really all that good." I notice that nobody is watching me at the moment. I wonder if I can slip up to the window to be seen. I'm trying to slowly make my way to the lodge window...I hear cop sirens in the distance...~wake up~

(upon waking I realize that the cop did recognize me. Actually had been expecting us to go this way and the lodge was an expensive trap laid out right before the border.)

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