Sunday, December 13, 2009

Escape from the skeletons

I am watching a friends house. I have made a new account to be able to play the video games without changing her account. Only, I made the account on the third day and did play on her account the first two days. I forgot to feed the fish for 4 days and raced around to make sure they all had food. The fish were starving.

~dream skip~ I am at the house I am watching, with Tina. I see these posters and I'm going through them when I see one that belongs to Tina. I show it too her and she freaks out. "I destroyed that one" Immidiately I feel bad, like it's my fault. I look at the pictures on the poster and they look amazing. I couldn't understand her response. A part of me wants to destroy the poster for her sake and a part of me wants to hide it and keep it.

~dream skip~ I am with a group of people, some of them kids. We are trapped in a room with only one door in or out and there are skeleton warriors after us. We hear the banging on the door and know that soon they will break in and we will be dead. I see a vent up top and quietly direct everyone, the youngest first, into the vent and we crawl for a ways before I decide it's far enough to drop back down into the hall. We run through the maze and then after a short time begin to hear the skeleton warriors coming up behind us. There is this huge room with glass doors that I run up to trying to open. The doors are locked...

~dream skip~ We are now running down a familiar hall with the skeletons right on our heels. I get everyone in and lock the door. We are in the same room we had just escaped from...

~dream skip~ Somehow we had gotten out of that room because now we are in a huge open space with a parking lot streched out in front of us and lots of people all around. We hide in the crowd as people scream. The skeletons had shown up and multiplied from a small dozen to hundreds and they kept pouring out. I looked around and my small group was gone. What were we going to do. I made myself visible in the chaos to the skeletons and they charged in my direction. I then heard a strange sound and turned to look behind me, knowing that it was a dumb move to take my eyes off of the skeleton warriors. What I saw was a wall of flame coming towards me rapidly. I ran towards the parking lot, towards the fire and squezed myself between two large vehicles, crouching next to the tires. The fire wooshed by. I get out from between the cars and notice that a lot of people had dropped to the ground on their knees, and the fire had gone over their heads, harmlessly. Many skeletons had been vaperized. The rest came after us when the sound of fire built up again and instictivly the people dropped to the ground face down. Some of the skeletons copied them and as the fire passed, those skeletons were spared. This happened three times total with the fire getting closer to the ground each time. After the third time there was only a scattering of skeletons left. People were cheering when all of a sudden a wall opened up and thousands of skeletons poured out, the leader laughing. People screamed and ran in every direction. I looked over my shoulder wondering where the wall of fire went. It was silent. I turned back, knowing there was no hope in surviving this many skeleton warriors. I faced them, amidst the screaming, panicking crowd and I know they saw me, but I also knew that they would slaughter anybody they came across on their way to me. I began walking towards the warriors, towards my death, when I heard it. The fire was coming from behind again and the skeletons were focused on me. If I remained standing they might not notice the fire until it was too late. People behind me had already dropped to the ground. I heard someone in the distance scream out my name. All of a sudden the skeleton leader noticed the fire and panicked running back through one of the many tunnel entrances, calling for someone to close the wall of a door, but most of the skeletons were oblivious. They had just one goal in mind and that was to kill me. I ignored the army racing down on me and simply stood there, listening to the roar of the fire, waiting until I could feel the heat on my back before I dropped to the ground. I didn't know how I did it but somehow I survived. Somehow I had been able to dodge the fire by sound alone although I would have a pretty nasty heat burn on my back for a while, but with the adrenaline rush I couldn't feel it. When I stood up the throne room was empty. The leader and skeletons had been destroyed. Then I noticed a few skeletons standing up. Some had been smart enough to avoid the fire. People were running away, hiding in the cars in the parking lot. One of the skeletons spoke to me. "We are no longer bound to our leader. We are no longer forced to kill you. You have spared us from the fire of death. We will not harm you." The skeletons sheathed their swords. I believed it and turned to tell the people that it was ok when one of the 6 skeletons standing behind me pulled out its sword. I heard the sound and dropped to the ground rolling to the side and jumping to my feet, now facing the skeleton. I had no time to wonder how I had been able to do that, there was a sword coming at me, lusting for my blood. I braced myself for a fight I knew I would lose when the remaining 5 skeletons attacked their "buddy" and disarmed it, impailing it on its own sword. One of them yelled, "the fire!" I grabbed a chunk of wood and ran up to the stage the skeleton leader had been on. There were curtains still burning. I pulled out some burning cloth and held it by the chunk of wood I was holding. I ran to the skeletons and jabbed it into the ribs of the one who had tried to kill me. The others had backed off, afraid of the fire. I then turned to the rest and they knelt on the ground. Each one pledged its life to serve me and I felt the power of it, I knew that they would serve me. My only question was why they would choose to pledge to me?
~wake up~

(a theory I have is that the skeleton warriors have to be pledged to someone and they can be forcibly pledged to follow a skeleton leader. Once the leader is dead they are free but with the freedom comes a price as to who they may end up being pledged to. They trusted me and made a pledge to not only spare their lives but to save them from slavery to a different type of master. Maybe there is even someone out there "recruiting" skeletons and they don't want to chance being pledged to him.)

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