Friday, December 11, 2009

Vigilante Leader, Trudy Lives and an SUV

There are three people who are standing by me in some type of incident. We are trying to escape and there is one person who has the ability to track us and find us. The first time we get up to this roof and the person catches us.

~dream rewind~ We are escaping, only everyone seems to remember the alternate ending that didn't happen, where we got caught. The person chasing us appears next to us as we are getting ready to split off. He says that he will catch us 'again' no matter how many times we go back in time. I tell him good luck and one of my now four members following me decides to join the "winning" side. Instead of us running wild I come up with a plan and become the leader, they all listen to me and I feel hope that we will get away.

~dream skip~ Trudy is found alive, but had lost most of her memory. She is going to relearn and relive her life with Monk. They decide that it is time to have a kid, she wants one with Adriane. She has special agent people who are with her all the time and each one has a specialty ability, which in the beginning of her pregnancy she abuses by having them get her stuff etc...

~wake up~

~new dream~ A girl is standing outside, when this black SUV barrles down the road and shoots the drivers side window in her car. Without thinking she leaps into the car and takes off after them. She had seen them turn right two streets down. Sitting on broken glass she races round the corner and catches a glimps of a car turning right. She swerves and turns and there they are. Tailing them she reads the license number. Immideately she pulls over and types the number into a text message window on her phone. The SUV had turned and was gone. She pulls out and heads back home when the SUV appears behind her and a gun is pointing out the passanger window straight at her. She turns left and presses the gas, speeding through stop signs. Her boyfriend is in his truck, trying to figure which way he should go to stop her and he sees her turn the other way followed by the SUV. He speeds out and tails the SUV which then pulls up next to her car, on the wrong side of the road, to force her off the road, the gun is again pointed at her. Then, all of a sudden red and blue lights flash. The car and truck pull over and the SUV takes off. When the officer walks up to her window the girl hands him her phone and said "They shot out my window and tried to run me off the road. This is their liscence number." With out knowing what happened, the cop radios in to have a couple officers track down the SUV. Then he turns to her to get the whole story.
~wake up~

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