Saturday, September 19, 2009

From potions to Wolves

I'm running through this building. It's a school, but all indoors. I was in the wrong class so I left. I know this building like the back of my hand, it's as if I'd been here before even though this was my first day attending. I glide down these stairs, my feet don't touch the ground. It's as if I'm sledding down on my belly, only my belly is a few feet from the ground. What class is down the stairs? It is Potions class. I am in the background now, watching this little girl who is lost. We are now right outside the basement class in a small courtyard. The girl sees a tall pipe with a triangular cap on it. She climbs up and in, hiding because the teacher heard something and was coming out to investigate. I whisper, "don't do it. That's not a good idea." But it is to late, there is not bottom to the hole and she falls down. she lands with a thud back inside, in a pot filled with soot.

Snape comes out and sees me. I distract him, talking and he doesn't notice the little girl still in the pot. We are walking and these wolves come up to me. One leaps up, with it's paws on my shoulders, trying to knock me down, so that he can eat me or maybe for the pack to eat me. I stand my ground under his massive weight. He drops to the ground, but tries a couple more times. One of the times I grasp his paws and bite his neck. Then I nip his ear and he drops to the ground.

Perrin (from Wheel of Time series) comes up. His eyes are golden and he walks in a half crouch, looking at me with hungry eyes. He turns to his wolves, as if they are mentally talking. Then he looks at me with different eyes.

I'm walking down a path with trees on either side and the wolves walk with me, only they are hidden through the trees. All except for the pack leader, the wolf who tried to knock me down. He walks beside me. ~wake up~

[Perrin is a human who embodies the attributes of the wolves. In the series he becomes a pack leader of a pack of wolves. He is able to communicate with them and is a strong fighter.]

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